Behave candy, reinventing the candy experience to reclaim your cravings

New Behave Candy Gummies, photo provided by Behave
New Behave Candy Gummies, photo provided by Behave /

If you are ready to change the candy experience, it is time to try Behave candy.

While the Willy Wonka candy world might seem like child’s play, the candy experience is meant to be enjoyed by all ages. The newest candy brand, Behave candy, is looking to put the candy industry on notice. Even when you want to break the rules, it is possible to find a way to reclaim those candy cravings.

For many adults, candy might seem like child’s play. From the bold colors to the super sweet flavor combinations, the indulgent treat might be served with a side of guilt. It isn’t that people do not want to enjoy a sweet treat, they want that treat to be worth the effort.

Behave is a culinary-influenced candy brand that is looking to create a new path within the candy industry. Created by founder and CEO Mayssa Chehata and Head of Candy, Elizabeth Falkner (celebrity chef and James Beard award nominee), the brand blends innovative flavors and all-natural ingredients to create a candy that throws the traditional rules out the window.

To launch this new brand, Behave candy debuts a low sugar, low net carb gummy bear. Available in three flavors, lychee, passionfruit and raspberry, a serving contains 3g sugar, 6g net carb and 90 calories. The candy is available in both a sweet and sour gummy bear option.

Looking at this candy innovation, the use of monkfruit is intriguing. As consumers look to other sweetener sources, monkfruit offers many possibilities. According to Chehata, “the beauty of monkfruit is a small amount packs a lot of sweet punch” without changing the classic gummy texture.

To create this less guilty candy, the recipe uses monkfruit and chicory root fiber. The core formula can work with a variety of flavors.

Behave candy
New Behave candy Gummies, photo provided by Behave /

By launching with lychee, passionfruit and raspberry, Behave has found a way to blend an exciting concept with a familiar platform. The flavors appeal to the food adventurous yet do not stray too far from the familiar. In a way, these flavors are as approachable as a cherry or a lemon, but they appeal to the adult candy craving.

Looking at the classic gummy bear, it is like those favorite gummy treats from childhood. There is that sense of familiar, but still has a new twist. At the same time, the grown up version is a better for you choice that makes you feel good about having a sweet treat.

According to Chehata, Behave is a “great mix of old school + nostalgia and new school + elevation.” The idea is “to create products that bring the joy back into eating candy for grown ups.”

The goal of this candy brand is to say no to food guilt and yes to indulgence. From the modern packaging to the flavor options, it is a candy that allows everyone reclaim their cravings and throw the rules out the window.

Behave is sold in a box of six bags for $30. Both sweet and sour flavors are available.

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Sometimes the best way to Behave is to forget about the rules and joy the sweet treat. Are you ready to follow a new direction?