Could Budweiser be the official state beer of Utah?

New Utah Budweiser can, photo provided by Budweiser
New Utah Budweiser can, photo provided by Budweiser /

This Budweiser could the official state beer of Utah.

Many people agree, Budweiser is one of the most iconic, well-known beers, but could it be the official state beer of Utah? With many changes to the beer laws in Utah, the King of Beers is waging a campaign win over the hearts and refrigerator space of Utahns. Will this new title be earned by the Anheuser-Busch beer?

Last year, Utah changed part of its liquor laws. Previously, the beers with an ABV over 4% had to be purchased at state run liquor stores. With the change in the law, people were able to have their Bud in bars around the state.

Now, after the positive response, the King of Beers is making a huge play to be the official state beer of Utah. Utah could become the first and only state to have its own Budweiser can.

Of course, the fans need to have a say in this special designation. For the Utah to get their special, unique can, social media needs to come alive.

If the tag #Bud4Utah gets 84,899 tags or retweets by September 13, the special can will go into production. And, even the iconic Clydesdales will make the special delivery.

Thinking about this promotion, it could bring other states into the conversation. Does each state have an official state beer? Is there an official national beer?

More importantly, the launch of a state beer can for Utah could be a trend. Other beverage brands have done state specific bottles. Why can’t a beer brand? Not only would it be a collectible, but it could be a fun conversation topic.

Beers have used football team branding so the possibility of state branded cans is possible. Just think of the people seeking out the state where they grew up or where they got married. The options are many.

Until then, Budweiser could be the official state beer of Utah. But, the people need to make their voice heard.

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What is your favorite beer? Do you think that there should be an official state beer?