Starbucks Digital Traceability gives consumers the transparency they want

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With the Starbucks Digital Traceability, consumers get a glimpse beyond the bag.

Today’s consumer is savvy and wants more than just a cup of convenience. The Starbucks Digital Traceability tool is a way for consumers to be more connected to that favorite coffee beverage. In some cases, knowing how the caffeine fix has gone from bean to cup could keep Starbucks customers coming back time and again.

Over the past several years, consumers want companies to be more transparent. Understanding how, where and why food arrives on the table is important. Although many people have come to know their local farmer, a variety of food choices cannot be found in the local community. The traceability factor has separated brands.

The Starbucks Digital Traceability tool gives consumers a glimpse of the people behind the bag of coffee. The platform acts like a digital passport. Consumers can virtually meet the people behind that favorite coffee beverage.

According to Michelle Burns, senior vice president, Global Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. “Every coffee has a story to tell, and I could not be more excited for people to be more connected to the whole coffee experience, from bean to cup, and meet the many people whose hard work, time and attention makes coffee possible.”

Seeing the whole bean story gives coffee drinkers a better understanding of the flavors of the coffee in the cup. While the tool provides tasting notes, it is more than just explaining the nuanced flavors. The hows and whys behind the growth, processing and roasting of the coffee makes a difference to its flavors.

Just like a great glass of wine is nurtured from the vine, an enticing cup of coffee isn’t just the product of the barista in the store. It is the whole process, from beginning to end.

The concept behind the Starbucks Digital Traceability tool fosters the company’s commitment to responsibly sourced coffee. When there is a human connection with the brand, the consumer loyalty grows.

With many options and consumers being conscious with their spending dollar, these programs will become more common. Beyond the bean, consumers might see other products offering a traceability tool. From produce to proteins, the connection with the food on the plate is vital.

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Does the community connection influence your consumer loyalty? Is the food journey story important to you?