Coca-Cola with Coffee will change your morning beverage routine

New Coca-Cola with Coffee, photo provided by Coca-Cola
New Coca-Cola with Coffee, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

Skip the coffee mug and grab a Coca-Cola with Coffee.

Many people start their day with coffee, but that morning beverage could be changing. Coca-Cola with Coffee is here to refresh that coffee routine. Now, your coffee fix comes with a boost of bubbles thanks to Coke.

For many people the aroma of coffee instantly perks up their senses. Whether it is the anticipating of the flavor, the taste or just a sense of the familiar, coffee can be part ritual.

But, sometimes coffee isn’t convenient. From being too hot, watered down or maybe even too sweet, coffee might not satisfy. And, what about the bubbles? Coffee isn’t normally carbonated.

With the new Coca-Cola with Coffee, coffee lovers have a new coffee flavor beverage that will change their beverage routine. While the name reveals a little about the beverage, it is more than just combining two iconic beverages in a can.

Available in three flavors, Dark Blend, Vanilla and Caramel, this new beverage could be a morning pick me up, an afternoon boost or just an anytime beverage that satisfies. The Coca-Cola with Coffee has 69 mg of caffeine per 12 oz can.

The new Coca-Cola beverage will be available starting in January 2021, but I was fortunate to get a sneak peak of the Dark Blend beverage. After careful consideration, this Coca-Cola beverage will be an alternative to my morning coffee routine.

When you pop open a can, the coffee aroma hits first. It is like the aroma from a hot cup of black coffee. It invites you to take a sip.

As you take that first sip, the Coca-Cola flavor comes through first. It is like the classic Coke that people know and love. The coffee flavor comes back through at the end.

The key to this beverage is the carbonation with the coffee. In the morning, sometimes you want coffee, but you prefer a carbonated beverage. A classic soda may not satisfy the craving because it is a different flavor. These grab and go cans fit that situation. They are convenient, tasty and offer the coffee caffeine boost that people crave.

Although I did not try the Vanilla or Caramel flavors, it will be interesting to see how those sweeter varieties work in the flavor profile. While Vanilla Coke is quite tasty, this coffee infused version should be equally as good.

Starting in January 2021, the Coca-Cola with Coffee will be available in 12-oz singles. The Dark Roast and Vanilla will be available in 4 packs as well.

If you are part of the Coca-Cola Insiders Club, you can get a taste of this new Coca-Cola product. For others, head to to get updates.

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What do you think of Coca-Cola with Coffee? Do you want to try it?