Coca-Cola: Creativity and innovation keep fans engaged


Loyal Coca-Cola fans never seem to waiver and will always grab their favorite beverage. Still, creativity and innovation keep fans coming back for more.

Some beverages and brand transcend the food world. Coca-Cola, from the logo to those adorable polar bears, is more than just a refreshing cola beverage. While many fans are loyal, they still want to see the brand expand, explore flavor and innovative. At the same time, they do not want to veer too far away from that beverage that they love.

Recently, Coca-Cola had two promotions that were quite well received by fans. During the holiday season, the brand offered a subscription box. While that box sold out in a few hours, the concept is important for both fans and the brand.

The subscription box was offering “Coke insiders” the chance to sample innovations from beverages like “Coca-Cola, Sprite, Powerade and new AHA sparkling water.” For six months, these “insiders” will get to sample various beverages.

Although the idea isn’t meant to get people to switch to a new brand, it can be a way to get people to explore new concepts. If you love Sprite, why not try Sprite Winter Cranberry during the season. It is a way for the company to enhance brand loyalty.

Given the huge response, it seems likely that brands might expand into this “insiders” concept. What better way to gain consumers likes, dislikes and trends than with type of offering.

Additionally, Coca-Cola offers fans a way to costumize their beverage experience with their Freestyle machine. With the Freestyle machines are available at various locations, it can be a way for the consumer to create her ultimate beverage.

From a splash of Diet Coke to a touch of Fanta Orange to even a pinch of Minute Maid lemonade, the options of creating the perfect “mix” is enormous.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola celebrated consumer’s creativity with the Make Your Mix contest. The winner, Danuta’s mix, featuring “Coca-Cola Cherry, Fanta Cherry and Minute Maid Lemonade” was quite refreshing.

Danuta’s mix was chosen from the other five finalists. More people chose her flavor over the others from the Freestyle machines.

Given her creativity, it can inspire others to break out of the box with their Freestyle pours. Similar to the subscription box, it can be fun and engaging to breakout out of the traditional role. Maybe you can find something that becomes your new favorite beverage.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how Coca-Cola continues to innovative and engage consumers. Beyond flavor combinations, it could be innovations in hydration and nutrition. The possibilities are many.

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Are you a Coca-Cola fan? What is your favorite beverage?