Can you guess the top 5 fan favorite Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks?


Coca-Cola Make Your Mix Freestyle drinks contest had everyone submitting their favorite flavor combinations. Which of the top five choices earn your stamp of approval?

Have you created your own beverage? During the Coca-Cola Make Your Mix Freestyle drinks contest, Coca-Cola asked fans to submit their best beverage creations. After going through all those submissions, five top choices are here for everyone’s sipping pleasure. Which one earns your vote?

A Coca-Cola Freestyle machine makes the beverage experience personal. Instead of just grabbing that traditional Coke, anyone can make their epic beverage creation. From adding a little fruit flavors to combining different beverages, the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine is like a choose your own beverage adventure.

With more and more people wanting to find ways of expressing themselves through food and beverages, this Coca-Cola product and contest encourages that creativity. While traditional choices will never fade, the new, exciting and different can spark a renewed interest with fans.

According to Coca-Cola, the top five favorite Coca-Cola Make Your Mix Freestyle drinks are:

"Tia (LA) – Mello Yello Raspberry Peach + Seagram’s Ginger Ale + Raspberry Lime Hi-CSarah (Conn.) – Seagram’s Ginger Ale + Powerade Raspberry + Dasani Sparkling Lemon-LimeDanuta (Queens, NY) – Cherry Coke + Orange Fanta + LemonadeKaren (New Hampshire) – Cherry Coke Zero + Cherry Hi-C + Minute Maid Sparkling LimeadeCheryl (Ohio) – Orange Hi-C + Minute Maid Sparkling Limeade + Fanta Grape"

To not sway anyone’s opinion, FoodSided won’t necessarily comment on which one is our favorite. But, there seems to be a few beverage trends in these top five choices.

All five choices has a fruity element. From raspberry to grape to cherry, the fruit flavors offer both a sweet and flavorful component to each beverage.

Some choices are a little lighter. Other choices seem to derive from other Coca-Cola products on the market.

Still, the five choices show that combining flavors on a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine can be quite engaging. Which makes us wonder, what do you eat with these flavorful combinations?

In many cases, this Coca-Cola contest shows that the Freestyle machines are about personal flavor expression. Personally, my son loves to create a new “combination” drink every time. While his choices might not be my favorite, it does start a conversation about the how and why he chose those flavors.

Right now, everyone can make their opinion heard by “voting” (drinking) one of these creations from the 50,000+ Coca-Cola Freestyle machine locations nationwide.

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What are your favorite Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks? Share your favorite beverages in the comments or tag your pictures with #FoodSided.