Antoni Porowski found the best lobster roll ever at this spot

Antoni Porowski enjoying Maine Lobster, photo provided by Maine Lobster Maring Collaborative
Antoni Porowski enjoying Maine Lobster, photo provided by Maine Lobster Maring Collaborative /

If you want the best lobster roll ever, Antoni Porowski thinks this spot has the winner.

For many people, enjoying the best lobster roll ever is the ultimate summer escape. There is nothing better than sitting by the shore, enjoying the beach air and taking that first bite of lobster deliciousness. This summer, Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski found the ultimate lobster roll.

What makes a great lobster roll? Some people might say that it is about the right bun. Others might believe that it has to do with the proper seasoning. Or, it might be about the lobster to bun ratio. Still, not all lobster rolls are made equal.

In many cases, people believe that the best spot to enjoy an authentic lobster roll is Maine. It could be the proximity to the freshly caught lobsters, it could be the ambiance or it could be just the moment. For Antoni Porowski, he fell in love with the iconic seafood spot, The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Open since 1968, The Clam Shack has been serving locally caught lobster and freshly caught seafood. It is a legend. Everyone and anyone professed their love of this iconic lobster roll and has named it as one of the best in the nation.

The idea is simple, let the lobster shine. Like any great meal, it starts with amazing ingredients. Just like The Clam Shack itself, simplicity can and should be celebrated. One bite and you will understand the difference.

While travel might be a little more difficult this summer, the best lobster roll can be delivered to your door via Goldbelly. Although you might not have the sea air in your back yard, you can get a taste of The Clam Shack at your table. If you want to see why Antoni, Martha Stewart and a legion of other foodies agree, it could be time to place an order.

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