Mighty Swell Seltzer, an alcoholic beverage that puts flavors first

Mighty Swell summer flavors, photo courtesy Mighty Swell
Mighty Swell summer flavors, photo courtesy Mighty Swell /

When flavor is a priority, Mighty Swell Seltzer is the can to pop open.

With the spike in popularity of canned cocktails, brands need a way to set themselves apart. Mighty Swell Seltzer makes flavor a priority. By using premium ingredients, these beverages are ready for the next great adventure. Are you ready for a flavor trip?

One of the recent beverage trends has been to focus on lower sugar, fruit forward beverages with a mid-range ABV. With the benefit of bubbles, the beverages tend to be light, effervescent and drinkable.

With the shelf becoming more crowded, it can be hard for a company to set itself apart. The key is to offer flavors that are different, enticing. Mighty Swell Seltzer does just that.

In the Mighty Swell line, there are four flavors, Cherry Lime, Watermelon Mint, Grapefruit and Peach. Looking at these flavors, the Watermelon Mint is the most exciting. The combination of the sweet watermelon with the touch of mint is quite refreshing on a hot day. If you are looking for a slight thirst quencher during a warm day, this flavor is the perfect choice.

While these cocktails are quite enjoyable on their own, they can be combined into a flavorful cocktail. For example, the watermelon mint flavor makes for a fruit forward mojito. While it is important to be cautious of the alcohol content, the bubbles and the clean fruit flavors add a tasty twist to the cocktail.

In addition to using these seltzers in a cocktail, using a fresh garnish really brings out the refreshing flavors. Even just a sprig of fresh mint in the glass for the watermelon mint flavor is quite enjoyable.

Although many people like Mighty Swell because of the canned convenience, the cherry lime flavor is perfect with a popsicle floater. For example, pour a little of the cherry lime over a popsicle (either a regular popsicle or an “adult” popsicle). It makes for sparkling, cool sip.

Mighty Swell Seltzer is sold in both singles, six pack slim cans and variety packs. Check with the brand’s website for retailers.

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If you are you ready to put flavor first, it is time to pop open a can of Mighty Swell Seltzer.