Busch Dog Brew lets you crack open a cold one with your best companion

Busch Dog Brew, photo provided by Busch Beer
Busch Dog Brew, photo provided by Busch Beer /

Busch Dog Brew turns National Dog Day into a refreshing celebration.

For many people, Busch Dog Brew is the newest Busch Beer product that is the perfect way to celebrate your favorite furry companion. Released on National Dog Day, this special “brew” isn’t your typical Busch Beer. While you might head to the mountains with your best dog, this dog brew is canine friendly.

Busch Dog Bew is an alcohol-free, bone broth treat for dogs. While it is in a can like the traditional Busch Beer, it is just for the dogs. You might want to give the dogs their own cooler so that you don’t mistaken grab one of these cans instead of your Busch Light or Busch Apple.

The Dog Brew is certified by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). It is full of dog-friendly flavor and nutrients. Just like you crave an ice cold beer, your dog might crave this “brew.”

Thinking about this idea, it is rather smart and it is surprising that a company hadn’t launched it before. Who hasn’t seen dog videos where the dog dad has his companion grab him beer from the fridge? That four-legged companion wants to be helpful, but where is his canned of refreshment?

Busch Dog Brew
Busch Dog Brew, photo provided by Busch Beer /

With more and more people looking to pamper their fur babies, this dog brew is a fun option. From the backyard barbecue to a day at the beach, dogs need a treat too. Maybe it will be the can to pop open to celebrate that winning play for your favorite NFL team. Just think how special your dog will feel and how fun it will be to celebrate together.

Previously, Busch held a “Foster A Dog program.” This program gave hundreds of dogs new homes. The beer brand understands the strong connection between people and dogs and looks to fosters that companionship bond.

The Busch Dog Brew will be sold online at Busch.com/DogBrew. It will be sold in 4-packs for $9.99. Additionally, $1 from every case of Dog Brew will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.

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Will you purchase some of this dog brew for your furry companion?