Lucky Charms Marshmallows: 5 Just Magical Marshmallows delicious desserts

Lucky Charms bag of marshmallows, photo provided by Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms bag of marshmallows, photo provided by Lucky Charms /

The Lucky Charms Marshmallows only bag will make the most magical desserts.

It looks like those Lucky Charms Marshmallows didn’t lose their magic after all. Maybe all that special singing helped to cast a special spell on those marshmallows. For a limited time, those magically delicious marshmallows are out of the cereal bowl and in the bag.

In a company announcement, the Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows will be available for a limited time. It is basically a bag of those little marshmallows that you love from the cereal.

Last year, there was an announcement that the Jet-Puffed marshmallows were available. This particular product launch seems to be a little different.

Thinking about this package of Just Magical Marshmallows, there are many magical desserts that could get a Lucky Charms upgrade. What will you start making?

Lucky Charms Cake

Probably the most obvious idea would be a Lucky Charms cake. Simply cover a classic white frosted cake with the marshmallows. Whether you make a pattern or just randomly put the marshmallows all over the cake, it is anyone’s creative choice.


Marshmallows in a milkshake are always a tasty treat. Adding the colorful, magical marshmallows to either vanilla or chocolate ice cream would be delicious. Just don’t use a blender to mix the marshmallows into the milkshake. That technique could break up the marshmallows too much.


Why not sprinkle some Lucky Charms Marshmallows on top of a brownie. After the brownies have slightly cooled, sprinkle the brownies with marshmallows. Whether you make each brownie its own symbol or mix them, let the magic influence your creation.


While those magical marshmallows are tasty in the cereal bowl, they will make pancakes magically delicious. Although you might not want to put them into the batter, you can sprinkle them on top of the pancakes. The kids will love that sweet treat.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Similar to the cake idea, roll an ice cream sandwich in the magical marshmallows. It does make for a sweet treat, but it is fun to create. You can pull off the marshmallows or just take a big bite.

The Lucky Charms Marshmallows, Just Magical Marshmallows, offer much creativity in the kitchen. While many people will just take the opportunity to eat more magically delicious treats, it could be an excuse to keep baking.

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