Did the Lucky Charms marshmallows lose their magic?

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Lucky Charms has been magically delicious but did it lose its magic?

Does your bowl of Lucky Charms cereal look a little different? Did those lucky clovers lose their magic? Maybe it is time to help bring back that cereal’s magically deliciousness.

Like many aspects this year, the spark doesn’t seem quite as bright. Whether it is feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a perpetual loop or just uncertainty, people seem to have lost a touch of their magic. Isn’t it time to get that magic back?

Lucky Charms has traditionally been that magical bowl of cereal that brings smiles to the table. While those magical marshmallows might have changed shapes over the years, each spoonful brought a little taste of that colorful rainbow to start the day.

To help restore that magic to the bowl of Lucky Charms, the brand is asking fans to #singwithLucky. That’s right, here is your chance to put your clovers, blue moons and even stars to music.

If you don’t remember the tune, Tamera Mowry and her family are sharing their song.


When you think about it, the idea is to join people together in song and create a happy moment. While a leprechaun is not an Elf, singing a song for all to hear can and does bring some cheer.

If you want to join the singing fun, share your best song/video with #singwithLucky. You don’t have to be pitch perfect, just show a little enthusiasm.

With more families making breakfast their family meal, you could start the day with a song. That little taste of happy in the morning could be the magical way to start you day.

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Are you ready to sing with Lucky and help bring back the magic to Lucky Charms?