Family meals shift to the breakfast table and it’s a great way to start the day

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In a new food trend, family meals shift to the breakfast table.

Instead of a breakfast table covered in clutter, family meals are shifting to the morning. Even if everyone is still in their pajamas, that morning family meal is the great way to start the day.

For many parents, they grew up hearing a common phrase. Eat a great breakfast to start your day. That bowl of cereal at the breakfast table was that the food that kept you energized till recess. It was a way to set the day on the right path.

Stating the obvious, this back to school season is far from typical. While parents often stock the pantry with favorite foods and snacks, this year, the breakfast foods are both familiar and different.

In years past, many breakfast foods were focused on convenience, grab and go. For the longest time, parents and kids were like ships passing through the kitchen. Coffee travel mugs in one hand and cereal bowls carefully balanced in the other.

As the home has become both the workplace and classroom, those breakfast patterns changed. Now, the mad rush out the door is replaced with family meals gathered around the breakfast table. In some ways, this shift is a great way to start the day.

According to a recent General Mills Big G Cereals survey, 73% of families with school aged children are now able to spend more time together as a family earlier in the day. Before hitting the books or getting on the next Zoom meeting, those family meals are easier than ever. Without the commute, the morning family meal becomes less challenging.

During these morning family meals, parents said that they use the time to talk about the current climate. Beyond the to-do check list, it is time to talk about what’s going on in the world. In some ways, breakfast has been revitalized as the most important meal of the day.

According to Amy Cohn, RD, senior manager of nutrition and external affairs for General Mills cereal division. “Cereal is a common denominator. While we know the school year may look different this fall, parents and kids can count on cereal to keep bringing them around the table together and helping to fuel their day.”

Even though the school year looks different, these morning family meals are a great way to boost nutrition. Without the distractions, that cereal bowl can be served with a banana or fruit smoothie. By starting the day with good nutritional choices, everyone can be energized for the tasks ahead.

While parents often look to fruits and vegetables in a family’s food choices, cereal itself offers a big nutritional punch in that bowl. From a variety of vitamins to whole grain and fiber, that cereal bowl is packed with smart nutritional choices.

Additionally, cereal is a cost-effective choice for families. With food costs consuming a large part of a family’s budget, cereal can help families stretch their hard-earned dollar. According To Big G Cereals, the average bowl of cereal with milk costs about 50 cents. At that cost, you can occasionally eat cereal for dinner, too.

While many changes due to the current climate have caused families concern, the focus back on family meals is a good development. From mornings spent around the breakfast table to boosting nutrition through that cereal bowl, there are positives that have happened from all this staying at home.

Why not pour yourself a bowl of Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or maybe even a bowl of Lucky Charms. More importantly, take a moment to talk in between each spoonful of that cereal. That conversation around the breakfast table can be as nourishing as food on it.

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Has your family spent more time around breakfast table? What positive changes have you made recently?