3 Vegetable packed recipes that kids will want to eat

Dole Monsters Zoodles, photo provided by Dole
Dole Monsters Zoodles, photo provided by Dole /

These vegetable recipes will have your kids asking for more.

Sometimes kids would rather look for the monster under the bed than eat vegetables recipes that their parents love. It isn’t that vegetables are scary, but they might not be as fun as other recipes. Wouldn’t you rather eat a bowl of cereal for dinner than a big salad? Still, there are many vegetable recipes that are both tasty and fun.

Recently, Dole has partnered with Pixar to make eating fruits and vegetables more fun. While produce paranoia might be real, Monster Inc inspired recipes turn that fright into fun. When families have fun with produce packed recipes, it can make kids (and adults) excited to eat another bowl of veggies.

As part of these Monster Inc inspired recipe, Dole shared three vegetable recipes that are perfect for a side dish or even a main meal. With a little culinary creativity, these dishes could be your new favorite Meatless Monday meal, Sunday dinner dish or just every day deliciousness. Ready to get cooking?

Oodles of Monster Swoodles

Vegetable noodles have been a favorite noodle swap. In this recipe, sweet potatoes are the noodles. This option brings a slightly sweeter flavor to the bowl. Plus, there is a little mimic to the al dente bite of traditional pasta.

Instead smothering the swoodles in a sauce, the oil olive and lemon juice add a lot of flavor. The addition of the cherry tomatoes makes the dish fun.

Plus, if you are looking to add a little more texture to this dish. Consider adding some grated bread (using toasted or day old bread) as a topping. As seen in other recipes, this idea is a good substitute for cheese.

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Dole Monsters Mashed, photo provided by Dole /

Monster Mash

Asking kids to eat mashed potatoes with tons of butter isn’t necessarily a chore. But, what about adding some nutritional benefits to those mashed potatoes?

Dole’s Monster Mash recipe combines potatoes, plantains and spinach in a powerhouse packed dish. The touch of maple syrup in this recipe boosts the sweetness that kids crave without being too sweet.

Consider serving this Monster Mash with some chicken or pork. Also, you could even cut up the pieces of chicken and serve them on top. It turns it into a Monster Mash bowl.

Vegetable recipes
Dole Brussel Sprouts, photo provided by Dole /

Little Boo Brussel Sprouts
Many adults love Brussel Sprouts, but this vegetable can be a hard sell for kids. But, when those Brussel Sprouts are crunchy, almost like a chip, kids are more likely to want to eat them.

While the name of this vegetable recipe is a little play on words, the dish is far from scary. Since many people have an airfryer, this recipe could be an easy weeknight option. Or, if you could served next to a bowl of chips for a healthier alternative.

One of the reasons why kids will be drawn to this recipe is the dipping sauce. Being able to dip (aka play) with your food is always a huge win.

Plus, this yogurt dip is a great recipe to always have on hand. It could go with almost any vegetable. If the kids enjoy it, it could become a family staple.

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What are your favorite vegetable recipes that your family loves? Do your kids crave vegetables or is it a mealtime struggle?