From Minions Cereal to Lucky Charms Honey Clovers, new General Mills cereals are here

New Minions Cereal, photo provided by General Mills
New Minions Cereal, photo provided by General Mills /

New General Mills cereals, like Minions Cereal, are hitting store shelves.

What is in your cereal bowl? New General Mills cereals, including Minions Cereal, Lucky Charms Honey Clovers and Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch, are on grocery store shelves. Are you ready to eat cereal at every meal for the next couple of days?

For many people, cereal is more than just a breakfast food. Whether it is breakfast for dinner, a snack or just because, it seems that cereal bowls are constantly full.

Whether this idea is a food trend or people just liking a classic food, some new cereals seem to have a common theme. In a way, the sweeter, fun aspect of cereal seems to be taking over. Whether it is classic brands finding a way to reinvent themselves or that childhood favorite flavor offering a sense of comfort, cereal is not just for kids’ breakfast.

Three new General Mills cereals are hitting store shelves. While these three cereals are different, there is a commonality between all three. There is a sense of whimsy in each spoonful.

The new Minions Cereal brings those adorable minions to the cereal bowl. While the cereal might not look like Kevin or Bob, these little brightly colored bites are tasty. According to General Mills, the cereal is “sweet yellow and blue vanilla cake flavored corn puff cereal.” Mixed into the cereal are bite-sized marshmallows.

This cereal will be on the sweet side. While this limited-edition Vanilla Vibe sounds tasty, it could be even better mixed into another treat. Consider adding it as a topping to a brownie or ice cream.

And, don’t forget about adding some bananas. Since those Minions love their bananas, consider mixing some bananas into this cereal for a little minion-approved flavor boost.

New General Mills cereals, Lucky Charms
New Lucky Charms Honey Clovers, photo provided by General Mills /

For the summer, Lucky Charms is getting another makeover. After the pot of gold in the St. Patrick’s Day offering, this version has honey clovers. Made with real honey, the clover shaped corn pieces balance the sweetness of the marshmallows. Plus, the coloring makes the whole bowl look like it is filled with gold.

Returning to the cereal aisle is the Cocoa Puff Cocoa Puffs Brownie Puffs. While each bite of puffy, chocolate goodness is tasty, the real reason that people love this cereal is the cereal milk. No one can resist that bowl full of chocolate cereal milk. It is like a special treat.

All three General Mills cereals are available on grocery store shelves. If you are looking to satisfy that sweet craving, these cereals definitely deliver. But, will you have a bowl for breakfast or dessert?

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What is your favorite cereal? Do you prefer something sweet, healthy or a combination of both?