Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms impresses skeptics with big flavor

Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms lineup, photo provided by Incogmeato
Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms lineup, photo provided by Incogmeato /

Put it to a taste test, Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms is grill worthy.

As the plant-based food category expands, Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms is the latest brand to join the conversation. To kick off the end of summer Labor Day celebration, the brand has asked some powerful influencers to challenge the skeptics. Can you handle the big flavor?

While many people have happily switched over to the plant-based food alternatives, some people are skeptical. Although there are a stubborn few that will criticize without ever doing a taste test, others are just unsure. Why should they spend the money on food that might be wasted?

This Labor Day weekend, Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms is enticing the skeptics to try a taste by offering a free product coupon giveaway on social media. With the help of some special animal influencers, @SammiTheChicken, @Prissy_Pig and @BuckleyTheHighlandCow, many people can get a taste, for free.

For complete giveaway details, please visit the Kellogg’s Family Rewards website. Just like the question that is asked, what are you waiting for? Could you prefer Incogmeato?

Incogmeato, MorningStar Farms
Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms spokes-animals, photo provided by Incogmeato /

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a little taste test with my family. While I have had various plant-based food choices over the years, a few members of my family are a little more skeptical. Yes, the die-hard carnivore that wants to eat more red meat resides at the head of our family table.

After grilling some of the Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms burger patties, I got two thumbs up from three of the four family members and one it’s ok from the uber-carnivore. Personally, I’m taking the feedback as four for four given one person’s extreme skepticism.

The key to this plant-based burger’s success and likeability is the sear. As any good cook understands, a good sear not only creates flavor, but it also seals in the juiciness of a burger. After all, there aren’t enough condiments to make a dry burger tasty.

Personally, I cooked the Incogmeato on an indoor, smokeless grill on a medium high heat. The burger patties were seasoned with a general grilling seasoning. Also, each burger was topped with cheese and various condiments.

Yes, a plant-based burger is not going to be exactly the same as a traditional beef burger. Just like a turkey burger is different, or a wagyu beef burger is different. The key is to treat the plant-based food just like a traditional burger. From seasoning to cooking, it is all about creating flavor in the food.

Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms has Burger Patties, Original Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, and Chik’n Nuggets. The burger patties, bratwurst and Italian sausage can be found in the fresh meat case. The chik’n nuggets can be found in the frozen food aisle.

If you are ready to convince the plant-based skeptic in your house, put the Incogmeato by MorningStar Farms to the test. If can make a better burger, you can make a better plant-based burger.

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What is your favorite plant-based food? Have you started eating more meat alternatives?