Easy grilling tips to transform you into a grill master

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An expert grill master shares easy grilling tips to improve your grilling game.

Improving your grilling game can be easy. With these easy grilling tips from an expert grill master, that next backyard barbecue can be even tastier. Ready to get grilling?

For some people, grilling can be mystery. From the right temperatures to the grilling methods to the cooking techniques, it can be intimidating.

Recently, Mike Williams grilling master at Kenyon Grills shared some easy grilling tips. For the beginning griller, a Kenyon Grill can be a great option to build grilling confidence. As the official grill of the Boston Red Sox, the electric grills help to take the mystery out of grilling.

On National Eat Outside Day, Williams provided a cooking demo on how to grill ribeye steak and vegetables on the Kenyon Texas Stand Grill. In quick time, he was able to prepare a meal that would wow a crowd.

Here are some easy grilling tips from the Kenyon Grill Master.

Salt the meat

Like any good recipe, salt adds flavor to food. Williams suggests salting the meat early in the process so that the meat has time to absorb flavor.

Use grill zones

While every grill is different, it is important to understand the grill zones. For example, some areas might have a hotter temperature than others.

On a Kenyon Grill, there are different grill zones. For example, one area can be used to grill meat and the other can be used to grill vegetables. Since all food does not cook at the same temperature, it can be helpful to use different grilling zones.

Avoid smoke

While some people might love that smoky flavor from some styles of barbecue, you should taste the flavor of the food, not just the smoke. Preventing flare-ups helps to keep the smoke away.

On a Kenyon Grill, there is a drip tray that helps to prevent smoke as well as helps to keep the meat from drying out. With water in the drip tray, the possibility of flare-ups and smoke is removed. It is one of the reasons why a Kenyon Grill can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Additionally, the drip tray can be used to add additional flavors. From adding some beer or even some apple cider, the liquid can help to infuse some additional flavor to the recipe.

Flip once, no more

When cooking a steak, know how done you want the steak before cooking and determine the cooking time. Then consider splitting the cooking time in half, per each side.

For example, Williams cooked his ribeye steak about 3 minutes per side. There is no need to flip, flip again and again. Cooking once per side is sufficient.

Keep the grill clean

No one wants to the previous meal to flavor the current one. Williams recommends cleaning the grill after the food comes off while the grill is still hot. That method ensures that the grill is ready to be used for the next meal.

These easy grilling tips from a Kenyon Grill Master can help anyone gain confidence in their grilling game. Are you ready to get cooking?

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