Free KFC Chicken Tenders offer kicks off DoorDash partnership

KFC partners with DoorDash, photo provided by KFC
KFC partners with DoorDash, photo provided by KFC /

Do you want some free KFC Chicken Tenders?

Free food is always a reason to celebrate. Free KFC Chicken Tenders is the special offer to kick off the KFC and DoorDash partnership. Announced today, the iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken, with its 11 herbs and spices, will be available for delivery via DoorDash, the leading last-mile logistics platform.

Food delivery has become part of the normal course of doing business for all types of restaurants, not just quick service restaurants. The ability to put food into consumers hands quickly, efficiently and safely helps to keep businesses active. Bringing food into people’s homes is more than a convenience, it is a necessity.

According to said Toby Espinosa, vice president of business development at DoorDash, “At a time when more people are enjoying their meals safely from the comfort of their homes, DoorDash’s geographic coverage made us a great fit as KFC looked to expand their off-premise operations. We are proud to be KFC’s largest partner by coverage, serving nearly 75 percent of their locations in the U.S.”

As part of the partnership announcement, the free KFC Chicken Tenders deal will be available September 8 through Thursday, September 17. When consumers purchase “select KFC bucket meals” via the DoorDash ordering system, they will receive 12 free chicken tenders.

To receive this offer, use promo code KFC12 at the DoorDash checkout. Additionally, the promotion includes $0 delivery fees on a select bucket meal purchase.

While dad might always get the biggest piece of chicken, no one wants to be left with an empty plate. This free food offer helps to feed a hungry family or ensures some leftovers for the next day.

With football season kicking off this week, football fans will not want to leave all the action on the screen. This big meal deal will ensure that all those hungry fans have plenty of food to enjoy during that homegate.

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Are you excited about the free KFC Chicken Tenders offer via DoorDash? What is your favorite KFC meal?