RESPAWN by 5 gum, bold flavors, heighten focus

RESPAWN By 5 gum, photo by Cristine Struble
RESPAWN By 5 gum, photo by Cristine Struble /

If you want to game on, RESPAWN by 5 gum is ready.

RESPAWN by 5 gum adds a new flavor to both the gum market and the gaming world. While many people are looking for an edge to match their drive, that focus boost often comes in the form of a beverage. With this new Mars Wrigley & RESPAWN by Razer collaboration, a piece of gum has become a game changer.

Over the last several years, gaming has proven to be an influential market. Brand partnerships are more than just companies delivering food to gaming events. Some brands have even developed particular beverages and foods that are meant to assist or enhance the gaming experience.

RESPAWN by 5 gum was designed for gamers. Made with the intention to help focus and mental agility, the gum looks to be the first of its kind. More importantly it addresses what gamers want during those pivotal moments.

From the flavors to the type of gum, this product was formulated based on gamers’ feedback. By giving the target market what it wants, the success of this new product is heightened.

Available in three flavors, Cool Mint, Tropical Punch, and Pomegranate Watermelon, those flavors reference both popular gum flavors and the most popular RESPAWN’s mental performance drink flavors.

The sugar free gum is made with with B vitamins and nutrients, such as green tea extract. Those ingredients are meant to help with the mental focus and agility.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new RESPAWN by 5 gum. The first package that I opened was the Tropical Punch. The flavor tends to be mango/melon forward. Without being too sweet, the fruitiness of the flavor comes through.

Overall, the flavor lasts a long time. The type of gum is equally enjoyable.

Although I am not necessarily a huge gamer, I did enjoy the gum mid-afternoon and it seemed to help me re-focus. More importantly, it was far different from an energy drink and didn’t bring the jitters. It was a boost that just seemed to clear away the fog.

While the Tropical Punch was a refreshing flavor, the Cool Mint was invigorating. The mint is bold and just a whiff is an instant pick me up. At the same time, it is not over powering. It offers just the right balance.

Even though RESPAWN by 5 gum is targeted at gamers, it isn’t just for that target audience. For anyone who would like to re-focus or just needs a little boost, keep this gum in your bag. From that big test to an afternoon slump, anyone could benefit from this gum.

RESPAWN by 5 gum is available now. It’s is sold in a 15-pack for $2.99 at select retailers.

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Are you ready to RESPAWN and Game on?