Tastykake Kickoff Cookies celebrate the return to football

Tastykake Kickoff Cookies, photo provided by Tastykake
Tastykake Kickoff Cookies, photo provided by Tastykake /

2, 4, 6, 8 – who do we appreciate it – Tastykake Kickoff Cookies, of course!

As the football season kicks off, Tastykake Kickoff Cookies will be part of every game. From cheering another team victory to consoling a tough loss, everything is better with a Tastykake cookie.

While everyone is excited for the return of sports, the look and feel of this NFL season is quite different. Instead of a packed stadium and a roar of the crowd, fans jump, cheer and celebrate from the comfort of their couch.

Since more people will be watching at home, the food for these football watching events needs to be tasty. While the chips and dip are a game day essential and chicken wings are always on the plate, a sweet treat is equally important to that homegate spread.

The Tastykake Kickoff Cookies are the perfect, easy football themed sweet treat that everyone will love. The classic Tastykake chocolate chip cookies are served in a 12 oz tub. The tub has a touchdown-themed exterior.

Whether you snack on the chocolate chip cookies throughout the game or only get a victory cookie at the end of the game, these football themed cookies are a must this season. It might be a good idea to buy two containers to ensure that everyone has enough cookies.

Since these cookies are classic chocolate chip cookies, you could have a little fun and make some semi-homemade treats. From just dipping one end into colored chocolate to making chocolate chip sandwiches, the options are many.

And, if you happen to have a few extra chocolate chip cookies left after the game, you can use them in a variety of ways. From adding the cookies to some ice cream or even just crumbling a few into your morning oatmeal, extra cookies will never go to waste.

The Tastykake Football Cookies are available now. A 12 oz tub has a suggested retail price of $4.99.

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