Hershey’s Holiday Kisses flavors ranked: Are Sugar Cookie Kisses best?

New Hershey’s holiday candy, Hershey's Sugar Cookie Kisses, photo provided by Hershey's
New Hershey’s holiday candy, Hershey's Sugar Cookie Kisses, photo provided by Hershey's /

With new Hershey’s Holiday candy here, which Hershey’s Holiday Kisses flavors are best?

From the holiday candy bowl to holiday baking, Hershey’s Holiday Kisses are always part of any holiday celebration. Even though candy canes might hang on the tree, Hershey’s candy might be Santa’s favorite. After all, who doesn’t love a little chocolate kiss during the holidays?

With the recent newest Hershey’s Kiss flavor, Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Kisses joining the holiday candy line-up, there are 10 holiday flavors for Kisses. During the holiday season, all 10 holiday flavors are available.

While a Hershey’s Kiss is always a tasty treat in the candy bowl, many people are quite particular about their Hershey’s Kisses. From a particular color to a new flavor, unwrapping that iconic treat is more than just mindless eating. It is like a little present every time.

Still, with all 10 holiday Kisses flavors available during the holidays, it begs the question. Which Hershey’s Holiday Kisses flavors are best?

Here is my unscientific ranking of Hershey’s Holiday Kisses.

  1. Sugar Cookie Kisses
  2. Holiday Kisses (Red, Silver & Green)
  3. Hot Cocoa Kisses
  4. Candy Cane Kisses
  5. Santa Hat Kisses
  6. Mint Truffle Kisses
  7. Hugs Kisses
  8. Caramel Kisses
  9. Almond Kisses
  10. Cherry Kisses

Yes, the newest Hershey’s Kisses flavor does top my must have list. That white crème tastes just like a sweet sugar cookie. From the moment you unwrap it, the aroma entices.

Plus, the crunchy cookie pieces add to the satisfaction. It is the perfect bite. This year’s holiday baking will take a different turn with these Kisses. Those thumbprint cookies are getting a makeover.

Also, the classic, Holiday Kisses are always a top choice. That candy goes with everything. You can even left over candies in the bottom of your morning coffee to make a mocha.

Many people discovered that idea with the Hot Cocoa Kisses from last year. There was nothing better than a few extra Hot Cocoa Kisses in your hot cocoa.

This year, the holiday cookie exchange might look a little different, but the home baker could like the 10 Hershey’s Holiday Kisses inspire some tasty cookies. Why not use all the flavors to create a smorgasbord of thumbprint cookies. Santa might put you on the top of his list.

Don’t let the holiday season pass without enjoying a little kiss. Whether you like a classic flavor or a newer option, Hershey’s Holiday Kisses are always in season.

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What is your favorite holiday candy?