Delicious Guacamole recipes from guacamole masters

Marriott Cancun Resort guacamoles for National Guacamole Day, photo provided by Marriott Cancun Resort
Marriott Cancun Resort guacamoles for National Guacamole Day, photo provided by Marriott Cancun Resort /

These delicious guacamole recipes are the best way to celebrate the amazing avocado.

While classic guacamole is tasty, these delicious guacamole recipes will have you rethinking your favorite recipe. With a little ingredient creativity, guacamole can be the recipe that lets foodies explore the flavors and textures of the avocado.

To celebrate National Guacamole Day, Marriott Cancun Resort is sharing some of its best guacamole recipes. For 12 hours, the Marriott Cancun Resort’s Instagram account will share 12 guacamole recipes. Each one showcases the versatility that this dish offers.

According to Chef Israel Cetina who is the Executive Chef of Marriott Cancun Collection, “avocados have a great balance of texture and flavor that make it the perfect starting point for a variety of dishes. The creamy, buttery texture gives you a great base, while the light, earthy flavor balances a variety of ingredients ranging from spicy to savory or even sweet. It’s really the perfect culinary complement, but in guacamole terms, it just means endless possibilities.”

During the 12 hours of guac-a-thon, the Marriott chefs are showing those endless possibilities. From grilling the avocados to adding savory ingredients, these recipes could inspire some guacamole creativity on the home cook’s table.

delicious guacamole recipes
Marriott Cancun Resort guacamoles for National Guacamole Day, photo provided by Marriott Cancun Resort /

Ahead of today’s guac-a-thon, the chefs at Marriott Cancun Resort, the chefs graciously shared the recipe for Guacamole “Jimador.” This recipe uses an aged tequila as its special ingredient.

Guacamole “Jimador”


  • 2 Avocados
  • ¼ of white onion
  • 2 Red tomatoes
  • 1 small Serrano pepper or 2
  • 4oz of Tequila Reposado 100 years tequila
  • A pinch of ‘Sal de Gusano’
  • A pinch of coriander


  • Smash the avocados with a fork, chop the onion tomatoes and the serrano pepper mix together with the avocado, mix gently the tequila and salt with the guacamole mix and top it off with coriander.

While many people happily sip a margarita while enjoying guacamole, tequila isn’t often used in the recipe. Although this recipe is for the adults, the addition of tequila adds a depth of flavor. If making this recipe at home, an aged tequila is necessary to bring the robust flavor.

The other aspect to this recipe that is quite interesting is the use of coriander. While some cilantro can be a controversial guacamole ingredient, coriander is the same plant. The ground coriander seed brings a different flavor.

Home cooks could use this ingredient idea in their recipe. Instead of cilantro leaves and stems, a little coriander could bring a new flavor experience.

If you are looking for some guacamole inspiration, take a little time to watch the 12 hours of guac-a-thon on the Marriott Cancun Resort’s Instagram account today. From a pork belly guacamole to one that draws inspiration from exotic ingredients, the versatility of the avocado is on display with these delicious guacamole recipes.

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What is your favorite guacamole recipe?