Bud Light Thursday Night Shout Out highlights Black-owned restaurants

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Through Bud Light Thursday Night Shout Out, Black-owned restaurants get a louder voice.

On Thursday Night Football, Bud Light Thursday Night Shout Out uses its platform to shed light on an important issue. As Black-owned restaurants face an uncertain future, this program looks to bring both business and awareness to their plight.

It has been said time and again, the restaurant and hospitality industry has been decimated by the current health crisis. Even though people may reminisce about the days of sitting at the bar, enjoying their favorite meal or just gathering with friends after work, those events are far from the current norm.

While some businesses are starting to open their doors, staying open is not a guarantee. Beyond  adhering to the regulations, guests may not be walking through the door. Some people are not ready, and others may not have the means. The vicious circle seems to bring more uncertainty.

Through the Bud Light Thursday Night Shout Out, Bud Light is using its platform to drive awareness to Black-owned establishments across the U.S. Each week, the Thursday Night Football games will highlight Black Owned restaurants in select host cities.

While these ads are meant to inform, they are more than just highlighting a specific location. Each ad serves as a reminder to support businesses in local communities. Whether or not you are familiar with the particular restaurant, everyone can relate to the story being told.

For the kick-off, Bud Light is highlighting Beckham’s B & M Bar B Que. In the ad, the family owned southern restaurant will be featured.

As seen in this ad, the restaurant is more than just a place to enjoy a delicious plate of food. It is part of the community and it a tradition that reaches far beyond the doors of the restaurant.

While not everyone can place an order from Beckham’s B & M Bar B Que, Bud Light has partnered with EatOkra. This app compiles Black-owned restaurants.

Anthony Edwards EatOkra Co-Founder and Developer said, “We were thrilled when Bud Light approached us to be included in this Thursday Night Football series that highlights Black-owned businesses and shares their stories in such an impactful way. Along with Bud Light, we hope this series motivates fans to seek and support more Black-owned restaurants when looking for game day bites.”

While many people will be watching and cheering during tonight’s game, consider taking a moment to watch these commercials. More importantly, make a commitment to order a meal from a Black-owned business in your community. That food order is more than just a tasty meal. It is a statement of support.

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