Incogmeato Mickey Mouse Nuggets make plant-based magical moments on the plate

New Mickey shaped Incogmeato Nuggets, photo provided by Incogmeato
New Mickey shaped Incogmeato Nuggets, photo provided by Incogmeato /

Healthy eating for families is easy with Incogmeato Mickey Mouse Nuggets.

Getting kids excited to eat a healthy dinner can be easy. The new Incogmeato Mickey Mouse Nuggets make plant-based food fun. Magical moments on the plate are are coming to the home kitchen.

Plant-based food has become part of many families’ food choices. These types of food options fit into a variety healthy eating lifestyle options. From completely plant-based to flexitarian, there is an option that works for everyone.

For many families, chicken nuggets are a dinner time staple. Kids love the flavor and texture. Parents appreciate the convenience. Basically, it can be a dinner where there is no fighting, and everyone is happy.

Sometimes a little Disney magic can make any day a little more special. When Mickey shaped food arrives on the plate, everyone seems to smile. Somehow that iconic symbol just makes everything better.

The new Incogmeato Mickey Mouse Nuggets are a plant-based nugget. The nugget cooks and tastes like a traditional chicken nugget. Additionally, this option has less fat and less sodium than a traditional nugget option.

Incogmeato Mickey Mouse Nuggets
New Mickey shaped Incogmeato Nuggets, photo provided by Incogmeato /

This new offering is in direct response to what families want. Sara Young, General Manager, Plant-Based Proteins at Kellogg Company said that the brand saw a “big opportunity with Incogmeato.” With consumers “craving for more family friendly plant-based options,” this new launch was a perfect fit.

According to John T. King, VP of Consumables Licensing at Disney, “As Disney is committed to offering more plant-based foods, we are excited to be working with Incogmeato on the first-ever plant-based Mickey Mouse shaped nuggets. By creating foods that kids love and with the nutrition parents can feel good about, families can experience the magic of Disney during meal time.”

As seen at Disney Parks, plant-based food options are widely available. More importantly, those plant-based food options show the creativity that these ingredients offer. When the focus in on flavor, people are more willing to try the dishes.

Since this new offering is Mickey Mouse shaped, both kids and parents will be more willing to try the nuggets. While families might not intentionally do a blind taste test, they might be surprised to see the family’s preference.

Remember, treat the Incogmeato just like its traditional counterpart. From cooking to condiments, everything should be the same. Given the flavors and textures, even the toughest critics might prefer the plant-based food option.

The Incogmeato Mickey Mouse nuggets will available in the frozen chicken section at various retailers.

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Are you ready to bring some plant-based food magic to your dinner table? Incogmeato Mickey Mouse nuggets could make dinner time full of smiles.