The Cheesecake Factory has 900 lunch combinations with this lunch deal

The Cheesecake Factory Offers $15 Lunch Promo, photo provided by The Cheesecake Factory
The Cheesecake Factory Offers $15 Lunch Promo, photo provided by The Cheesecake Factory /

Love The Cheesecake Factory for lunch? This lunch deal is too good to miss.

Craving The Cheesecake Factory? If you don’t have lunch plans, this lunch deal will make you place an order from your favorite restaurant. With so many lunch combinations, you could place a new order each day of the lunch deal. What will you order first?

From Monday, September 21 through Friday, September 25, The Cheesecake Factory and DoorDash are offering a huge lunch deal. For just $15, guests will get any lunch special plus any slice of cheesecake. The special offer is available both via DoorDash and via restaurant’s website. Make sure to pick “Lunch Favorite and a Slice for $15” offer.

Everyone knows that this restaurant’s menu is quite expansive. On the lunch menu there are over 30 lunch specials. From pastas to flatbreads and from salads to chicken, the combinations seem almost endless.

Add to that long list over 30 different cheesecake flavors, the potential lunch and cheesecake combinations are over 900. For some people, it might be difficult to make the perfect pairing.

Since it is pumpkin season, The Cheesecake Factory has two tasty pumpkin-centric cheesecakes. For a traditional option, the classic pumpkin cheesecake has the tasty graham cracker crust and the creamy pumpkin cheesecake.

Cheesecake Factory,
The Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin offerings, photo provided by Cheesecake Factory /

For a tasty twist on the classic, consider the pumpkin pecan cheesecake. This dessert combines pecan pie with pumpkin cheesecake. The layer of pecan pie is topped with pumpkin cheesecake and the whole dessert is in a pastry crust. Then it is topped with chopped pecans and some caramel. It is irresistible.

While the lunch special is just for a few days, the two seasonal desserts are available through Thanksgiving. You could even order one for Thanksgiving dinner and not bake yourself.

Whether you enjoy The Cheesecake Factory lunch deal next week, a seasonal dessert or another tasty treat, it is time to skip cooking and let the restaurant take over.

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What is your favorite menu item and cheesecake pairing?