M&M’s Halloween candies ranked: Classic Halloween candy or candy trends

Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

M&M’s Halloween candies are here, but which Halloween candy tops the list?

From the candy bowl to Halloween baking, M&M’s Halloween candies are always a tasty treat. While the classic M&M’s are always a popular choice, a few new Hallowen candy trends have arrived in the candy aisle. Which bag of M&M’s will you enjoy first?

M&M’s have a long-storied history. While the candy debuted in 1941, the classic chocolate covered in a candy shell has evolved over the years. Although the “M” stamp didn’t debut till 1950, that signature “M” has become to be a beacon for candy fans.

While M&M’s might not have been your first sweet treat, it is the first candy to go into space. Even if everyone debates about the best color, M&M’s are one of the best known candies around the world.

Over the past several years, M&M’s has expanded its flavor options. While everyone anxiously awaits the M&M’s Mix hitting store shelves next year, many people will have to buy a few extra bags to create the perfect mixed combination.

With all the various flavors available for the spooky season, it lead FoodSided to a very difficult question – which M&M’s Halloween candies are best?

Here is our unscientific M&M’s Halloween candies ranked.

5. M&M’s Ghoul’s Mix – Peanut Butter

While chocolate and peanut butter can be a winner, this M&M’s flavor is best enjoyed mixed into some vanilla ice cream. The peanut butter is tasty, but a combination with another M&M’s candy can make this candy even tastier.

Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

4. M&M’s Cocoa Crisp

The M&M’s Cocoa Crisp is back again this year. That little extra crunch makes these candy quite enjoyable. And, if you happen to fold these candies into a Rice Krispy treat, it is even better. Yes, crisp is in.

3. M&M’s Ghoul Mix – Peanut

The classic M&M’s Peanut flavor is dressed up for Halloween. The color combination for Halloween is a definite winner. At the same time, chocolate and peanuts always are a great choice.

M&M's Halloween candies
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

2. M&M’s Chocolate Popcorn flavor

If you have ever added M&M’s to movie theater popcorn, that buttery and chocolate combination is snacking perfection. This particular M&M’s candy brings that flavor into a single bite. It is rich, but quite enjoyable.

1. M&M’s Ghoul Mix – Chocolate

Sometimes the best Halloween candies are the ones that bring back childhood memories. When a house gave away M&M’s (especially the big bag), it was the ultimate score. Having those classic M&M’s around during the spooky season is always a favorite.

While this M&M’s Halloween candies ranking is a little fun, it is a reminder that Halloween can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Whether or not a huge trick or treating event happens isn’t the focus. It is about making memories and enjoying a few M&M’s candies.

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What is your favorite Halloween candy?