Best cheddar cheese soup recipe is fall’s best comfort food

Le Cellier Soup, photo provided by Disney Parks
Le Cellier Soup, photo provided by Disney Parks /

On a beautiful fall day, the best cheddar cheese soup recipe is a must.

When weather gets cooler, soups and comfort food are a must. The best cheddar cheese soup recipe could become your family’s favorite fall food. Whether you eat this soup as a meal, an appetizer or part of a multi-course dinner, this soup recipe will become a staple. And, you don’t have to tell them the recipe isn’t yours.

For many foodies, a trip to Epcot Food and Wine Festival is a fall must. While this year’s Taste of Epcot is a little smaller than previous years, a few of the classic dishes, favorite dishes, make their triumphant return.

While Le Cellier is open year round, a dining reservation at the Canadian restaurant is often hard to get. Guests cannot get enough of that petit filet or the cheddar cheese soup.

Luckily during the Epcot food festivals, the Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup makes an appearance. At this year’s Taste of Epcot is has returned.

Since some people may not be able to visit Disney Parks right now, Disney has been sharing many of its iconic recipes through its Disney Magic Moments series. Previously, the Disney chef shared the secrets behind this iconic recipe.

If you haven’t seen or made the best cheddar cheese soup recipe, it is definitely one to try. The recipe is available on the Disney Parks blog.

Since foodies are often looking to add their own spin to a recipe, a few modifications can make this recipe even better. For example, consider using a Canadian cheddar.

A Canadian cheese has a creamier texture than other cheddar cheeses. The flavor tends to be sharp yet balanced. The creaminess and sharpness makes for a great addition to this cheddar cheese soup recipe. If you are looking for a Canadian cheddar, one of the best ones is from Balderson Cheese Company.

Also, be considerate of the beer that is used in this recipe. Regarding the beer, think about it like cooking with wine. If you wouldn’t drink the beer, don’t use it in a recipe. Pick a lager style of beer that you would enjoy drinking with the cheddar cheese soup.

In the end, this best cheddar cheese soup recipe could be a fall, winter or anytime favorite. Serve it with some crusty bread, a pretzel roll or however you like. It is a spoonful of comfort food that you want to have again and again.

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What is your favorite fall soup recipe?