Sam Adams Fall Beers are the perfect pairings for sweater weather

Sam Adams Fall Beers, photo provided by Sam Adams
Sam Adams Fall Beers, photo provided by Sam Adams /

Sam Adams Fall Beers are here, and it is time to get sipping.

As the colors change and the crisp wind blows, Sam Adams Fall Beers bring the fall flavors that everyone craves. Put on that comfy sweater, sit by the fire and enjoy a taste of fall that is quite satisfying. Just maybe it is time to chill a Sam Adams Sweater Pack.

For many people, the transition from summer to fall is a welcome one. Beyond the pumpkin spice lattes and fall flavors, the fall is a season to celebrate. Before the hectic time of the holiday season, September and October is a time to enjoy the moment, appreciate the colors and savor the tasty treats.

While many beers are quite enjoyable all year round, some beers are fall-centric. For example, the annual Oktoberfest celebration has evolved to celebrate a Marzen style of beer. These beers tend to be a touch sweeter with a rich amber color.

The Sam Adams Octoberfest beer is brewed in a traditional Marzen style. The deep amber color is similar to fall leaves. Whether you drink one from the bottle or pour a beer into a stein, you will happily say Prost.

When it comes to the Sam Adams Octoberfest beer, it is one of the brand’s more versatile seasonal beers. The beer’s flavor is balanced. While there is a touch of sweetness, it is not overpowering. It walks a fine line where both the lager drinker and the stout drinker appreciate this beer.

From the tailgate to apple picking, the Sam Adams Octoberfest beer is the fall must have beer. Whether you enjoy the beer on its own, with a comfort food or even a pumpkin pie, don’t miss the opportunity to have at least a few of these Octoberfest beers.

A new edition to the Sam Adams fall beers is the Sam Adams Jack-O. Unlike other pumpkin beers, this version tends to be a little lighter, almost channeling a shandy. Instead of the pumpkin being the boldest flavors, the traditional spices used with pumpkin bring the flavor to the beer.

The nuance of the nutmeg and the warmth of the cinnamon make it feel like a warm hug. It is definitely the beer that you want by the fire or snuggling on the couch. And, with only a 4.4 ABV, you can have more than one beer.

As part of the Sam Adams Sweater Weather pack, the Sam Adams Octoberfest beer and Sam Adams Jack-O are paired with the traditional Sam Adams Boston Lager and the Sam ‘76.

While many people are familiar with the traditional Sam Adams Boston Lager, the Sam ‘76 has the tag line of a “crushable” beer. A combination of an ale and a lager, the golden beer is quite smooth. With a hint of citrus, this beer is the one for football watching. It is meant to be that sessionable beer, where a new bottle is opened every quarter.

The Sam Adams fall beers are available now. In addition to being sold separately, the Sam Adams Sweater Weather variety pack features all four of the beers.

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What is your favorite fall beer? Do you change your beer drinking habits every season?