Move over pumpkin spice these fall flavors are trending too

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Fall flavors aren’t limited to all things pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin spice isn’t the only fall flavor option. Many fall flavors are part of food trends. Although it isn’t a possible up stop the PSL from taking over the coffee mug or the baking aisle, there are other flavors that are just as satisfying.

While coffee orders from Dunkin’ and Starbucks are numerous and Grubhub processes over 600,000 orders a day, the pumpkin spice flavors aren’t just limited to a pump of flavor in that latte.  According to Grubhub, pumpkin flavors are all over the plate. From muffins and pancakes to savory options like pumpkin tortellini, it jam all about that gourd.

At the same time, Grubhub found other fall flavors are surging in orders, too. The non-pumpkin flavors are pecan, apple cinnamon, cinnamon, praline and maple (in order of popularity).

Looking at these flavors there is that comfort flavor profile. The warm, satisfying spices seem to be that boost to feeling better. When there uncertainty all around people want a taste that is familiar, classic and even a flavor that has never changed

Even though people want innovation and pushing flavor and food boundaries, classic flavors and comfort foods are not, nor will they, go away. While people might want that bold creativity one day, they might classic flavors for the other six days of the week. Just like life, there is a sense of balance.

Looking at the other popular fall flavors, the cinnamon forward flavors might reflect that surge in baking. Just like the comforting aroma wafting from the oven, those flavors just make people feel better. Maybe it brings back that dessert grandma baked, a special family dinner or just a childhood favorite food. Sometimes people just want the familiar.

The pumpkin spice everything isn’t going away anytime soon, but other fall flavors will be sitting side by side on the shelf. Which food will you choose?

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Have you started to enjoy fall flavors?