Dunkin fun facts that will have you making another run to Dunkin

Dunkin’ Completes Global Transition to PaperCups, photo provided by Dunkin
Dunkin’ Completes Global Transition to PaperCups, photo provided by Dunkin /

Do you know these Dunkin fun facts about America’s favorite coffee?

For many people, mornings begin with Dunkin. While these Dunkin fun facts might be a little surprising, the truth is that the popular donut and coffee brand is always running towards innovative, fun and tasty treats. Get that coffee and donuts ready for today’s big adventure.

While everyone knows the iconic pink and orange colors of Dunkin, the original, first coffee and donut shop in Quincy, Massachusetts had a different name. Open Kettle, founded by William Rosenberg, opened in 1948. Later in 1950, the name was changed to Dunkin Donuts.

Over the years, that one location expanded to many franchises. Even the first location opened in Japan in 1970. Today, there are thousands of locations worldwide.

Although a black coffee and glazed donut is a classic combination, many people love the Munchkins donut hole treats. Those bite sized treats joined the menu in 1972.

Now, the Dunkin menu is more than just donuts and Munchkins. While breakfast sandwiches joined the menu in 1997, today the Dunkin menu is filled with all types of options. From healthier choices to snack sized options, there is an option for every craving.

Over the years, Dunkin has had many iconic phrases associated with the brand. From those “Time to Make the Donuts” campaign in 1982 to the familiar “American Runs on Dunkin,” the brand has become part of the pop culture landscape.

With locations worldwide and selling around 2 billion donuts annually, it seems that everyone has enjoyed some Dunkin. Even though consumer habits are changing a little, Dunkin is finding ways to adapt to the current climate.


This summer, Dunkin is ready to help fans run around the country for the next great road trip. As many people have taken to RVs to satisfy their sense of wanderlust, RV sales and rentals have skyrocketed. According to the RV Industry Association estimates 46 million Americans are taking an RV trip over the next 12 months.

Since America runs on Dunkin, Dunkin is making is easier for Americans to run around the U.S. in an RV. On Dunkin’s Instagram page, fans can enter to win a special week-long price RV experience. All the details and how to enter can be found online.

Whether you knew these Dunkin fun facts or just are craving another donut, it is time to make a run to Dunkin. And, you might be able to travel in style with that special RV.

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