Halloween Wars recap: You’ve got a monster in me?

Team Mummies Rejects Cake Maker Helmata Basumatary at work during Episode 3 Spine Chiller challenge "Monster Support Group" as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 10. Photo provided by Food Network
Team Mummies Rejects Cake Maker Helmata Basumatary at work during Episode 3 Spine Chiller challenge "Monster Support Group" as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 10. Photo provided by Food Network /

In this week’s Halloween Wars, these monsters have found their scary support group.

While a monster road trip might test the best friendship, this Halloween Wars episode gives the spooky world a little support. Are you ready to phone a ghoulish friend for a little monster support?

With just four teams remaining in this Halloween Wars season, the Food Network competition is getting scary, in a good way. The teams are starting to push the creativity but the tension between teammates is starting to grow. Maybe the team members need a support group?

For the small scare, the teams need to create a Mad Scientist’s new pet. Although the doctor might be in, these creatures were a mash-up of ideas. In some ways, the combinations seemed like a kids’ fantasy versus a scary Halloween inspired creature.

From the fish going to a walk to even the reanimated cat, the animals almost looked cuddly. If the judges aren’t running away from these animals, the teams might need to bring more fright.

Overall, these small scare displays were good but a little nice. Additionally, the displays tended to lack a dynamic appearance. The idea of a scene is just as important as the character itself.

Winning the Small Scare was Crave Diggers with its three creature mash-up. Given this team’s success in the Spine Chiller, the extra advantage from winning the Small Scare could keep them safe for another week.

For the Spine Chiller challenge, the teams must create a Monster Support Group. While the teams can go in various directions, one aspect to the challenge is quite important. The monsters must interact with each other.

For this challenge, the teams must be able to change and adapt. They cannot accept anything else.

Also, in this week’s Halloween Wars episode, the teams must include a doughnut treat in their display. While apple cider doughnuts and Halloween are a classic pair, the teams better make sure that the doughnut has a connection to their monster support group display.

Overall, these four displays showed that the teams want to impress the judges. The displays are getting bigger and more detailed. While each team tried to play with its strengths, the judges really had to find the small mistakes to send one team home.

While these displays seem to embrace the tender side of terror, there were still plenty of scary in these Halloween Wars displays. Just because a monster needs a friend doesn’t mean that he isn’t scary.

The most impressive display was Mummies Rejects Each character was a different medium, yet all the characters worked together. From the sugar ghost to the scariest cake monster, this support group comes straight from people’s nightmares.

While their s’mores doughnut was a little too smoky, the idea was a good one. It fit with the theme. Overall, this team is surging to the lead with their win this week.

Also, a close second, Crave Diggers had another impressive display. After the Small Scare win, the team was riding high.

Overall, the display was quite expressive. The motion was clear, the combination of textures was amazing, and the sugar work was astonishing. Unfortunately, the judges felt that the scene was more like a party than a support group.

Candy Coroners had a good concept, but it needed to be executed a little better. While the sugar bar was impressive and the characters worked together, the display needed better positioning and proportion. The negative space seemed to draw the eye instead of the characters.

Lastly, Ghoulicious captured the theme the best. All the characters seemed like members of a support group.

Unfortunately, the scale of their display causes a lack of detail. Usually, this team is known for the intricate pumpkin work. With so many pumpkins on the display, it just seemed to be lacking the finishing touches.

Overall, the tasting element in this week’s challenge seemed to be a miss with all the teams. From dry doughnuts to texture issues to flavor mistakes, it seemed like those doughnuts were all a little too stale for this week’s competition.

While it was a good idea, Ghoulicious did not execute clearly. Compared to the other displays, it was the least successful and they were sent home.

With only one episode remaining before the finale, it will be interesting to see which two teams will make the finale. The scariest part of Halloween Wars is being eliminated just before the finale.

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Who do you think will make the finale? Which Halloween display has been your favorite in this Halloween Wars season?