The ultimate nacho bar goes from homegating to dinner time in a breeze

Making your own nacho bar is easy, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Making your own nacho bar is easy, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Want to appease everyone, every time – the ultimate nacho bar delivers.

Sometimes the simple ideas receive rave reviews. If you haven’t created the ultimate nacho bar, it is time to discover this serving trick. From homegatng to dinner time, one food style can solve any food dilemma.

Nachos are often many people’s favorite food. Whether it is the stadium version topped with nacho cheese or a restaurant version piled high with a variety of toppings, there is something tasty about the combination of ingredients and flavors.

With stadiums having limited guests and restaurants having reduced seating, those nacho dishes might not be feasible for everyone. Why not create your own ultimate nacho bar at home and fall in love with nachos all over again.

When it comes to creating a nacho bar, the key is variety. While it is ok to have one style of chips, the toppings need to cover the gamut. From spicy to savory to even a touch sweet, the variety allows everyone to create their own preferred plate.

At the same time, the home cook needs a touch ease to all the toppings. With a few little tricks, the nacho bar will be a huge hit.

For our home nacho bar, it went from Sunday homegating to Sunday dinner with such ease. Now, instead of Taco Tuesday, the nacho bar has become a requested dinner.

To complete our nacho bar, it was a combination of Pace salsa, (both mild and hot), queso, guacamole, olives, black beans, and a protein (like grilled chicken). Everyone grabs a bowl and starts making their own plate.

One hint when making a nacho bar, use small bowls to fill instead of serving from a container. If you run out, you can always refill.

While this food idea makes everyone happy because they create their own meal, it is also a great way to use up leftovers. For example, I have used leftover smoked pork shoulder as the main protein. Being able to find other ways to use leftover food is always a good idea. Plus, nachos make it fun.

Sometimes the simple ideas seem to satisfy everyone with a smile. Why not create the ultimate nacho bar tonight.

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What is your favorite simple idea for either homegating or dinner time?