Unlocked by Coffee mate upgrades the flavor to any cup of coffee

New Unlocked by Coffee mate, photo provided by Coffee mate
New Unlocked by Coffee mate, photo provided by Coffee mate /

With a little pour, Unlocked by Coffee mate enhances any regular cup of coffee.

While flavored coffees might satisfy your sweet tooth, Unlocked by Coffee mate brings a different flavor to the coffee cup. These new coffee creamers look enhance the coffee experience one sip at a time.

For many people, the gourmet coffee experience is one that they crave. While that perfectly crafted cup of coffee holds nuanced flavors, the cost of indulging that coffee ritual may not be within the budget. When a daily coffee habit spending is a big portion of the monthly food budget, there might be a better, more cost effective way.

The new Unlocked by Coffee mate offers that coffee-shop level experience within the home at a fraction of the cost. It doesn’t require an expensive, professional coffee maker or the fancy coffee beans. Simply pour some coffee creamer to unlock a new flavor experience.

Available in two flavors, Classic Colombian and Italian Espresso Roast, these coffee creamers take a different approach to the traditional coffee flavorings. Instead of sweet flavors, seasonal favorites or other candy inspired treats, these coffee creamers put the robust coffee flavor back into the coffee cup.

For example, the Classic Colombian creamer blends a rich creaminess with robust roasted beans. With a hint of fruity notes that is found in Colombian coffee, it is an easy way to boost the coffee flavor in a traditional cup. Even if you use the coffee creamer in a lighter roast coffee, the flavor will have a more full-bodied medium roast taste.

Unlocked by Coffee mate
New Unlocked by Coffee mate, photo provided by Coffee mate /

With the Italian Espresso Roast, this coffee creamer brings the subtle notes that espresso drinkers love. Since a cup of coffee is more than just an espresso shot, this coffee creamer adds notes of cocoa to highlight the richness. Adding a touch of smoky aromatics, the black coffee seems to transform into that dark roast that is quite enjoyable.

The Unlocked by Coffee mate will be available in January 2021. A 32 oz bottle will have a suggested retail price of $3.79.

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Are you ready to unlock your coffee’s flavor potential?