Enlightened snackable keto cookie dough is the perfect sweet treat

Enlightened snackable keto cookie dough bites, photo provided by Enlighteneded
Enlightened snackable keto cookie dough bites, photo provided by Enlighteneded /

Enlightened created the perfect sweet bite with its snackable keto cookie dough.

Sometimes a bite can satisfy that sweet craving. The new snackable keto cookie dough from Enlightened is that perfect sweet dessert. Whether you grab one or a handful, you won’t feel an ounce of guilt while enjoying it. Craving some?

Enlightened continues to innovate with its lifestyle dessert options. With more people focused on healthy eating, the brand has expanded its offerings to allow people to satisfy their cravings yet stay within their lifestyle choices.

While many people are familiar with Enlightened’s frozen treats and the new cheesecakes, the snackable keto cookie dough might be a game changer. Although many keto followers will be jumping for joy, the cookie dough option could become a favorite for everyone.

The new Enlightened products include four cookie dough flavors and one brownie dough flavor. The options are chocolate chip, birthday cake, peanut butter, snickerdoodle and fudge brownie. Basically, Enlightened has transformed some of people’s favorite cookie flavors into keto cookie dough bites.

Each serving, about 24 little dough bites, are between 90-110 calories and have 2g net carbs per serving. The dough bites are small, similar to the cookie dough bite sizes that are found in an ice cream. If you are a fan of the Caramel Chocolate Double Dough, you are familiar with the cookie dough bites.

After trying these cookie bites, 24 bites per serving might be a lot. Personally, around 5-7 was the perfect snack or small dessert size. Each one is quite satisfying and you really don’t need a lot.

Stored in the freezer, the dough bites have the same texture as traditional cookie dough. The chocolate chip version tastes just like the cookie dough in the ice cream.

The most interesting flavor is snickerdoodle. The cinnamon spice aroma entices once you open the bag. The cookie dough is sweet, yet not too overpowering. When enjoyed with a cup of coffee, it is the perfect treat.

Since these cookie dough bites are small, they could be used in a variety of ways. From folding into some yogurt, a topping on ice cream or however your creative mind works, the dessert cookie dough bites hold endless possibilities. Given that the resealable bag is stored in the freezer, it is always a good idea to have at least one bag in the house.

The new Enlightened snackable keto cookie dough is available in stores and online. A bag retails for $4.49.

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