Hidden Valley Ranch and DQ are the ultimate dipping partners

DQ and Hidden Valley Ranch promo, photo provided by DQ
DQ and Hidden Valley Ranch promo, photo provided by DQ /

Move over Blizzards, Hidden Valley Ranch and DQ are a flavor match.

Before you grab your red spoon, Hidden Valley Ranch and DQ are serving up the Chicken Strip Basket. While many people love those Dairy Queen desserts, this menu item offers a flavor pairing that is made in foodie heaven.

The Chicken Strip Basket brings together some iconic food pairings. For many people, ranch is the only dipping sauce for chicken. It seems that all other sauces just pale in flavor comparison.

At each Dairy Queen restaurant, the Hidden Valley Ranch is made in house. That care ensures that each and every order has the freshest flavors for those chicken strips.

The 100% all white meat chicken strips are served with fries and Texas Toast. You might want to save some extra ranch to enjoy with those fries. Yes, ranch and fries are a tasty combination.

To celebrate this menu item, DQ and Hidden Valley Ranch have partnered with The House-Made Collection. These items inspire some at home fall fun. While it might not be the HVR Christmas stocking from last year, these items will get you to step away from another day of sitting in front of a screen.

Hidden Valley Ranch, DQ
DQ and Hidden Valley Ranch promo, photo provided by DQ /

If you love homegating, consider getting the Chicken Hole. The chicken-themed cornhole game is a must for chicken fans. Luckily if you miss the hole, it isn’t a huge party foul (like spilling ranch on your shirt).

For the creative types, consider Dip-By-Numbers or Chicken Strip Cross-Stitch. These items let people show the chicken love in artistic ways.

The special The House-Made Collection goes on sale, online Thursday, October 1 at 3 p.m. EST. Products are available while supplies last.

Are you ready to discover the flavor pairing made in foodie heaven? Try the DQ Chicken Strip Basket served with Hidden Valley Ranch. One dip and you will swoon in delight.

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What is your favorite dipping sauce for chicken?