SNF Grill brings a taste of the NFL stadiums to a local community

SNF Grill, photo provided by Centerplate
SNF Grill, photo provided by Centerplate /

While Sunday Night Football is must watch TV, SNF Grill brought a taste of the NFL beyond the stadium.

Although the roar of the crowd might be muted, the SNF Grill had a local community cheering for their love of the game. With the help of Centerplate, the Ochsner Hospital received a taste of the  NFL stadium. This gesture shows that football, food and community are always intertwined.

As this NFL season adjusts to the ever-changing scenarios, one item remains constant. Football fans are loyal to their team. More importantly, the NFL teams and their NFL partners, like Centerplate, are finding ways to give back to the communities that have supported them. Sometimes a taste of the NFL stadium is the perfect way for everyone to feel connected to this NFL season.

The SNF Grill is a mobile concession stand which will be part of the first half of the 2020 NFL season. The idea behind this food offering is to bring the stadium experience to the brave men and women who have been front line responders. This taste of the NFL stadiums hopes to bring a little football related fun to the local communities who have bravely taken on today’s challenges.

During the New Orleans Saints versus the Green Bay Packers game in New Orleans, the SNF Grill served up some tasty treats to the Oschsner Hospital. With stadium meals directly from the Superdome kitchen, Centerplate brought those classic food and treats to the first responders and other members of the medical community.

SNF Grill, Centerplate
SNF Grill, photo provided by Centerplate /

According to Centerplate Executive Chef Lenny Martinsen, “During this difficult time, our medical community has been through so much and we were honored to work with Sunday Night Football to bring a taste of the stadium directly to them. We are always happy to step up in service of New Orleans.”

During the SNF Grill experience, guests enjoyed, chicken and sausage jambalaya, sweet and spicy BBQ chicken wings, Ochsner Eat Fit NOLA Shrimp and Kale Salad. Many of these dishes are familiar to guests at the Superdome.

While Centerplate helped to provide the food for this stop, other upcoming events may vary.

Sometimes the biggest win on football Sunday doesn’t happen on the field. When the local community feels valued, the connection with their home team can make every day feel a little brighter.

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How are you adapting your football traditions for this NFL season?