Passoa passion fruit liqueur brings a taste of Brazil to your cocktail glass

Sip a flavorful diversion with Passoa passion fruit liqueur.

With a tropical color and flavor, Passoa passion fruit liqueur can bring a little sultry sip to the cocktail glass. From a simple cocktail to one that can evoke a fun diversion, this liqueur deserves a second, third and even more sips. It might make you want to dance the night away.

Passion fruit is a complex flavor. While there is a sweetness to the fruit, the tanginess comes through. Over the years, passion fruit has become more popular and readily available. While the look of the fruit might spark some curiosity, the flavor has people coming back time and again.

Passoa passion fruit liqueur has Brazilian ties. While people might picture vivacious dancing during Carnival, this liqueur comes in an iconic black bottle. Tucked inside is a red-hued beverage that is bursting with flavor. From a touch of tangy to a subtle sweetness, the flavors meld with a variety of mixers.

If you have never enjoyed Passoa before, a lovely introduction is a simple combination of the liqueur and some club soda. Similar to a riff on a spritz or a Collins, the bubbles enhance the tropical flavors. One sip opens up a world of possibilities for this liqueur.

Even though the liqueur is tropical fruit forward, it is not just a summer beverage. With a hint of grapefruit for balance, the beverage can be transformed in many ways. Even on the brand’s website, it shows that almost anything in the refrigerator or behind the bar can work in a Passoa cocktail.

Often the Passao is used in a martini. One famous martini is the Rock Star Martini (it also goes by another name, too). This martini combines the Passoa with vanilla vodka, lime juice and simple syrup. The colorful cocktail can make sure that you get past the velvet rope.

Another great way to enjoy the Passao is in a sangria. Since a sangria is usually fruit forward, the passion fruit flavor boosts the tangy notes.

Check out how to make it.

As seen in the video, the sangria is quite simple. Who doesn’t have a bottle of rose chilled in the refrigerator? Since there are some grapefruit notes in the Passao, it plays well with most rose wines. Plus, who doesn’t love the beautiful color.

While this recipe is only the two ingredients, consider adding a club soda or prosecco floater to each serving. Remember to wait to add the sparkling component till the beverage is served. Stirring or mixing a carbonated beverage breaks down the bubbles.

Passoa passion fruit liqueur is available at various retailers.

Are you ready to add a little vibrancy to your cocktail? Pour a little Passoa passion fruit liqueur and see where the journey takes you.


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