Cracking open common egg myths that people still believe

Deviled Eggs Three Ways from H&F Burger on Biltmore Ave in Asheville January 30, 2020.Foodreview Hfburger 01302020 0032
Deviled Eggs Three Ways from H&F Burger on Biltmore Ave in Asheville January 30, 2020.Foodreview Hfburger 01302020 0032 /

Isn’t it time to finally debunk these common egg myths?

What are some of the common egg myths? While some people happily crack open an egg every day, other people wonder if that incredible egg is really a healthy eating choice. With so many different opinions, it can be hard to determine the reality from the fiction.

For many people, eggs are a staple. Whether they are fried, scrambled or even sous vide in those tasty egg bites, there is something about cracking open an egg that is quite satisfying. Still, some people shy away from those eggs because they wonder about the nutritional benefits. With a little research, many of those common egg myths can be debunked.

Here are five common egg myths that need to be cracked open.

Brown are more nutritious than white eggs

While not exactly like the brown cow/chocolate milk debacle, brown eggs are not any more or less nutritious than white eggs. The coloring differs depending on the hen that laid the egg. It is just like one person has brown hair and another person has blonde. All eggs, no matter the color, are nutritious.

Cage free isn’t what you think

While it might sound like a good thing, buying cage free eggs might not be the best choice. Cage free hens don’t have access to outdoor space, which can cause a limited diet.

Instead, look for the label free-range eggs. Organic, free range eggs, like Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs have a varied diet which makes for flavorful eggs.

Yolk it up, yes really

While many people skip the egg yolk, that part of the egg is packed with nutrition. From Omega-3s to vitamins and minerals, it packs a big punch. Plus, the cholesterol in eggs does not raise blood cholesterol levels.

Put more eggs in your basket

Although some studies recommend limiting egg consumption, eggs can help fuel energy throughout the day. As part of a healthy lifestyle, they can offer a lot of nutritional benefits. At around 75 calories and 7 grams of protein, that little egg packs a lot of good nutrition.

While you’re cracking open an egg today, here’s a little piece of trivia to impress everyone at the table. Do you know why eggs are sold in a dozen? It isn’t a conspiracy for those egg carton makers.

Many, many years ago, England sold eggs by penny. 12 shillings equaled a penny, which made 12 eggs for a penny. Too bad a dozen eggs aren’t a penny anymore!

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How do you like your eggs? Did you know these common egg myths?