Bronx Brewery and Empanology create the perfect pairing

Empanology and Bronx Brewery, photo provided by Empanology
Empanology and Bronx Brewery, photo provided by Empanology /

Creativity meets food pairing perfection with Bronx Brewery and Empanology.

Looking for the perfect food and beer pairing? Bronx Brewery and Empanology are the creative and delicious combination that both beer drinkers and foodies have come to love. This unique culinary experience will give more people a reason to sip and savor the tasty food and beverage pairing.

Over several years, both Bronx Brewery and Empanology have worked together. From a backyard pop-up to last year’s residence, the food and craft beer pair have found that their flavors and philosophy work well together. Now with this five year partnership on tap, the possibilities for creative collaborations expand.

While the Empanology food lab continues to push forward its takes on Uptown classics, other creative takes on food and beer flavor combinations. As see in the OG Chopped Cheese empanada and BBQ, the “World Gone Hazy” IPA adds another layer of flavor to the dish.

Given how the two companies are now working side by side, future pairings are likely. Whether it is a food and beverage pairing based on special releases, using the craft beer within recipes or other opportunities, this partnership could push culinary creativity. Maybe even the donut and beer pairings trend could be embraced.

According to Jason Alicea, Chef & Founder of Empanology, he said “This partnership has been years in the making with the goal of elevating our guest experience and food with each collab. Now that we are properly equipped with a brand new kitchen & team, we look forward to displaying our culinary artistry while continuing to serve our community the best empanadas and more in New York City.”

While everyone knows that the food will be amazing, the partnership is more than great food and beer. Damian Brown, President & Co-Founder, The Bronx Brewery, said, “For us, beer has always been about bringing people together and it is great to work with others who share that approach with what they create.”

Locals can expect to see that community connections through various programs. From sponsoring local children to the Cheers To Heroes campaign, the pair will look for various ways to support and benefit the local community.

The Bronx Brewery, both the Taproom and Backyard at the Brewery are located 856 East 136th Street, Bronx, NY 10454.

Empanology is Bronx-based empanada company that gives modern twists on the classic Puerto Rican empanada. The company is committed to using sustainable choices and local products in its food.

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What is your favorite food and beer pairing? Do you know of a local brewery and food collaboration that we should try?