Burger King 2 for $5 deal gives PlayStation fans a reason to order

Burger King gives away a PlayStation 5, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King gives away a PlayStation 5, photo provided by Burger King /

Burger King gives PlayStation fans a huge reason to buy the 2 for $5 deal.

When was the last time you ordered a Burger King 2 for $5 deal? What if that value meal came with a special offer? For PlayStation fans, that restaurant value meal could make you the ultimate winner.

Many people are counting down the days till they can get the PlayStation 5. The new gaming system is said to transform the gaming experience. From a more fully immersive experience to lightning speeds, this new gaming system is said to be a game changer.

Even the King is excited about this new PlayStation gaming system. He is giving everyone a sneak peek at the new PS5 startup sound.

Check out this Burger King video.

Building on the King’s excitement, Burger King is giving everyone an opportunity to win a PS5 gaming system. Simply order the 2 for $5 meal. That is right, get a great value meal and a chance to win.

According to Burger King, here are the rules. The promotion is available via the BK app or BK.com. Guests need to purchase the 2 for $5 deal or a $5 or more purchase via the BK App, bk.com or in-restaurant. “The guest will earn one game token. Guests can then use the game token to play the digital scratch off game in the BK App or BK.com for a chance to win a PS5 console, PlayStation game codes, or BK coupons.” For complete details and rules, check the website.

Truthfully, the BK 2 for $5 deal is a great offer. Guests can choose from the Whopper, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish and Chicken Fries. Remember, the Whopper is now “ree of colors, flavors and preservatives from artificial sources.”

If you need a reason to order the Burger King 2 for $5 deal, the chance to win a PlayStation 5 is a good one. And, if you don’t win, that value meal saved you money which you can put toward buying a PS5. It is definitely a win, win.

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