Respawn by Razer proves the gaming lifestyle extends beyond the controller

RESPAWN By 5 gum, photo provided by RESPAWN
RESPAWN By 5 gum, photo provided by RESPAWN /

For Respawn by Razer, gaming and mental performance are more than reaction in the moment.

In the gaming community, the name Respawn by Razer is well known. As more companies look to connect with gamers and their platforms, the innovation extends beyond the newest title, winning eSports team or gaming system. Gaming is a lifestyle that has a loyalty as fierce as any other sports category.

While some older consumers might not understand how gaming could be a sport, the mental agility is as fierce as any other competition. Although a runner might need lightning quick reactions off the start or quarterback might need to quickly access the defensive play, gamers need a similar reactions. While their feet might be still, their brain and hands are flying through the processes.

Although the hours spent in front of the screen matter, the hours away from the competition impact the success. Just like the athlete who trains for success in any sport, gamers need the right fuel to help them to achieve their goals.

According to a NewZoo study, gamers are highly likely to consume food and beverages while gaming. As part of the recent study, gamers may prefer energy drinks to help them maintain a level of alertness during their play.

For gamers, their desire for alertness is different than a person who just grabs their coffee as part of their morning routine. That boost is more about staying focused versus pushing the sleepiness away.

While gamers tend to have positive feelings toward energy drinks and energy enhancers, not all products are the same. Having twitching hands during a vital moment of play is not effective.

Respawn by Razer looked to create lifestyle products with the ultimate gamer in mind. With such a strong connection to the gaming community, those products were more than just a brand collaboration in name only. It is a way to response to the gamers’ needs and to deliver a product that is not only helpful during the play moment but also beyond the time with the controller in hand.

Starting with the Respawn by Razer Mental Performance Drink, the brand looked to bring a beverage that had what gamers wanted yet eliminated aspects that hindered game play. By taking out sugar and taurine, these beverages offered the mental alertness without the crash.

According to Sean Driscoll of Respawn, gamers are particular about what they truly want and the company wants to deliver those products. The idea is to enhance game play with this lifestyle expansion. From the flavors to the packaging, these products seamlessly fit into that gaming world.

Recently, Respawn by Razer expanded its line into the gum space. In partnership with Mars Wrigley, the Respawn by 5 is a stick gum that builds off the previously launched beverage line. Similar to the beverages, many aspects of this new product were made with the gamer in mind.

While Mars Wrigley is a leader in the gum space, this new gum is more than just an enjoyable way to refreshen breath. It adds a new layer to the category, mental focus and energy.

Although mint, itself, can bring a burst of refreshment, this new Respawn by 5 adds green tea extract and B vitamins to the 5 Gum. In some ways, the gum combines aspects of an energizing drink to a more convenient format.

At the same time, this product was made with a gamer in mind. Flip Block from Mars Wrigley commented that even the style of gum was chosen based on gamer feedback.

For example, a stick gum in a wrapper allows a gamer to have a receptacle for the used gum. A blister pack style gum wouldn’t fit into that gaming lifestyle. While many people would not immediately see that connection, the rationale shows how each and every aspect of the Respawn by Razer brand is carefully chosen.

Even with all the careful development, the product needs to deliver and connect with its target audience. For Respawn by Razer, that connection comes through the flavors. The brand has found a way to innovative yet not go too far over the edge.

For example, the Watermelon Pomegranate flavor gum is a huge hit. Thinking about gum flavors, this option is bold. While mint will always be a classic, the watermelon and pomegranate balances the familiar with the new. The sweet and tart works within the idea of promoting mental agility and focus. It keeps evolving as it is enjoyed.

While this brand is meant for the gaming lifestyle, the Respawn by 5 has the ability to grow beyond that moment behind the controller. It has the potential to be a wide reaching lifestyle brand.

If that gum helps a gamer achieve in a pivotal gaming moment, maybe it can help with a big test or presentation. Since the product doesn’t cause the jitters, there could be a reason to have that gum on your desk, in your purse or in the car.

Looking ahead, Respawn by Razer might be on just the cusp of taking over the gaming lifestyle category. While other brands have snacking partnerships, could a protein bar be in the brand’s future? The possibilities of other food opportunities are many.

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Respawn by Razer has a line of beverages which are available on its website. Respawn by 5 is available online and will be available in select stores soon.