Are food scented face masks solving the face mask issue?

Jack in the Box Unchicken, photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box Unchicken, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

Are food scented face masks encouraging people to wear a face mask?

While food fashion has taken over many people’s closets, food scented face masks are the newest food fashion trend. Although people can debate the face mask issue, are these food scented face masks a step in the right direction?

Recently, Hormel Black Label Bacon announced a bacon scented face mask. Jack in the Box just released a Chicken Scented face mask to announce the release of the new Unchicken sandwich. While many people adore the aroma of bacon and fried chicken, could be more scented options be on the horizon?

For some people, they complain about how face masks trap smells. Putting aside the washing factor, it can be a little difficult to smell your fettucine alfredo and garlic bread all afternoon long. Let’s not talk about accidently burping in your mask after having a few beers.

Still, everyone should be wearing a mask. So, why haven’t scented face masks been a thing? Just like a mint or some gum can freshen your breath, why can’t there be a mint scented mask to help hide some stinky breath.

At the same token, couldn’t a relaxing scented mask help to combat all the stress that people are feeling. A touch of lavender could go a long way.

On the other hand, a chocolate chip cookie scented mask could make you want to bake (again). Maybe it could take the opposite factor and curb that sweet craving. Maybe scented masks could be the new healthy eating trick. Can a scent help to curb your appetite?

For now, the food scented face masks are a little bit of a novelty. It remains to be seen how long the scent lasts. But, like food fashion, they do make a statement. More importantly, if these face masks encourage people to keep their face masks on, it is a win for everyone.

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What do you think of these food scented face masks? Would you wear one?