Jack in the Box Unchicken Sandwich is unlike other plant-based food

Jack in the Box Unchicken, photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box Unchicken, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

Are you prepared to try the Jack in the Box Unchicken sandwich?

In a twist on the chicken sandwich wars, the Jack in the Box Unchicken sandwich puts plant-based food front and center in one of the biggest food trends. After enjoying those Tiny Tacos, people can try a taste of this new menu item. Is it Jack fans approved?

Jack in the Box is known for listening to its fans. From bringing back favorite menu items to offering fun promotions, the restaurant  is always keeping it fun and engaging. While certain menu items will always be Jack in the Box classics, this new menu push keeps the restaurant brand in the food trend conversation.

The Unchicken Sandwich is the first ever plant-based food menu item for Jack in the Box. Given that it decided to launch a plant-based food offering with a chicken sandwich is quite interesting. With most restaurants launching with a beef-alternative, this launch shows a turn in consumers wants. And, it could signal that Jack in the Box has found a plant-based chicken that is a “cluck above others.”

For its menu, Jack in the Box is using the Raised and Rooted plant-based chicken. While not necessarily the big name in the plant-based food space, this nugget has a crispier coating. That element makes it stand out in the crowd.

Since chicken has been the hardest plant-based food to satisfy consumers, the crispy coating on this sandwich will set it apart from the competition. The variations of textures are staple of a great dish.

New Unchicken Sandwich at Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box Unchicken Sandwich, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

For the Unchicken Sandwich, it is described as “classic and spicy” served with mayo, lettuce, and tomato on a split top bun. Basically, the plant-based chicken should have the same texture and should meld with the flavors of a traditional chicken sandwich.

While this new menu launch is available only in Reno, Nevada and Monterey, California, it seems likely that a larger roll-out will happen in the future. While it is the first plant-based food for Jack in the Box, additional plant-based food options might be coming. Could plant-based Tiny Tacos be on the horizon?

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What do you think of this new Jack in the Box menu item? Do you want to try a taste?