Chipotle Boorito goes digital for Halloween 2020

Chipotle Boorito goes digital for 2020, photo provided by Chipotle
Chipotle Boorito goes digital for 2020, photo provided by Chipotle /

The Chipotle Boorito continues Halloween 2020 digital trend.

For Halloween 2020, the Chipotle Boorito is back, but it has a little twist. Like many other Halloween celebrations this year, the annual tradition received a digital twist. How will you get your BOGO burrito offer this year?

It is hard to believe that the Chipotle Boortio is celebrating 20 years. The annual traditional of burrito themed costumes giving Chipotle fans a tasty BOGO burrito offer has sparked much food creativity. Sometimes you really have to unwrap that tasty costume to see the connection.

Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer for Chiptole, captures the feelings for Halloween 2020. He said, “Over the years, Boorito has become a mainstay for Chipotle and while we can’t have our usual in-person event, canceling completely was never an option for us. This year, we’ve introduced a virtual Boorito to help our fans celebrate and enjoy our real food from anywhere this Halloween.”

In recent months, Chipotle has taken to TikTok to help promote many of its offerings. The 2020 Chipotle Boorito event continues that trend of using social media to give fans special offers.

This year there will be 500,000 BOGO burrito offers. The codes will be dropped via the Chipotle’s TikTok, Twitter and Instagram acccounts. The promotion will run from October 29 through October 31. But, there is a little catch.

No one really knows when the codes will drop. According to Chipotle, “To claim their BOGOs, fans will have to act fast and text the valid keyword to 888-222 before Chipotle’s virtual House of BOGOs runs dry. The BOGOs will only be redeemable via the Chipotle app or on Halloween, October 31.”

Hopefully, many people will be able to redeem this offer and continue the annual tradition. Even though it isn’t an in-person event, it is good to see traditions continue for Halloween 2020.

Even though you aren’t required to wear a burrito-themed costume to get this offer, why not show off your love of Chipotle this Halloween. Whether it is a burrito inspired costume or maybe that love of guac, food themed Halloween costumes are always a great idea. A little virtual Halloween party could make this year’s celebration fun.

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How is Halloween 2020 different for you? Will you be celebrating with the Chipotle Boorito event?