Food Halloween costumes: Tasty or just too tricky?

With just days till Halloween, have you figured out your Halloween costume? Are food Halloween costumes tasty or just past their sell by date?

Food Halloween costumes have become more popular over the years. From couples’ costumes to favorite food related characters, food themes can be an easy way to keep Halloween festive yet still approachable. With just a few more days left to celebrate the spooky season, will you dress up in a food theme?

This year, one of the easiest, most identifiable Halloween costumes relating back to a food would be the Captain Morgan. Those infamous commercials, and the iconic pose make his Halloween costume a fun one for a party.

While you could get away with a generic pirate outfit, Captain Morgan does sell an official Halloween costume. Sorry, liquor and/or cocktails aren’t included. But, everyone will call you Captain all night long.


Food Halloween costume, dog Cup Noodles, photo provided by Cup Noodles


A more creative option for the ramen fan is Cup Noodles costumes. For the first time, the iconic ramen company came out with its own line of Halloween costumes. While this costume might not have steam coming out of the cup, it is quite unique. There is even a dog costume for your legged family members.

The Cup Noodles costumes follows the brand’s expansion into branded merchandise. In a pinch, you could wear your Top Ramen or Cup Noodles shirt as a costume. Just say you’re a starving college student, many people can relate to that story.

One of the most creative costumes this year came from Natural Light. The brand created some DIY costumes using the Natural Light case as material. Whether you want to be ambitious or subtle, these costumes will surely make a statement at any party. Plus, just think about all the beer that you would be able to share with your friends.

As for other food related Halloween costumes, there are many available at any Halloween store. From hot dogs to bacon to a bounty of other options, food can be a fun theme for Halloween. Given the creativity, food costumes could be the theme for an entire party.

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Are you wearing a food Halloween costumes this year? What food would be your costume? Show us your costume by tagging #FoodSided on social media.