Top Ramen and Cup Noodles fans can now wear their love of slurping


Ready to take Top Ramen and Cup Noodles out of the bowl? New limited edition, branded merchandise have fans showing everyone their love of slurping.

Are you obsessed with Top Ramen and Cup Noodle? Craving that warm, comforting bowl of slurpable ramen is a scenario shared by many people. From a quick, grab and go lunch to a late night snack, these two food brands are part of pop culture. Now, fans can wear their love of slurping with new branded merchandise.

Just in time for National Noodle Day (October 6), Nissin Foods is launching a new e-commerce site. On that site, fans can purchase a wide variety of branded merchandise. From hats to shirts to even a baby onesie, the merchandise options are many. Who’s ready to showcase their love of ramen noodles?

Over the years, Cup Noodles has been featured throughout pop culture. Recently, the brand worked with DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY on specially branded packaging. This partnership stemmed from the ramen being featured in the video games.

Cup Noodles new merchandise, photo provided by Nissin Foods

Personally, I remember seeing the 60-foot tall Cup Noodles sign in Times Square. The steam rising from that noodle cup always fascinated me and that image has stayed with me. Granted, my lunchtime cup of ramen is much smaller than the sign. Still, it reminds me of my Times Square memories from years ago.

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With the launch of the Top Ramen and Cup Noodles merchandise, everyone can show their love of slurpable, easy to make noodles. From t-shirts to hats to even pillows, the iconic labels are incorporated into this merchandise. It is good to see some food-branded merchandise hitting store shelves.

Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, this branded merchandise could be a fun addition to a gift basket. Why not combine a Cup Noodles hat with some noodles with a note saying to keep the chills away. Or, for the college student preparing for exams, send a Top Ramen pillow and some noodles with a note saying stay energized while studying for finals.

Expanding into merchandise is smart for the Nissin Foods brand. As more and more people feel connected to iconic foods, they want to show everyone their passion for particular foods. These shirts and hats can be a conversation starter. While I might love the chicken Cup Noodles other people may only want the chili version.

This launch is another example of Nissin Foods looking to cater to its fans as well as the younger consumer. The launch of its Very Veggie line, and specifically the new Very Veggie Vegetarian, is a response to consumers’ wants. Today, consumers are more vocal and brands do, and should, listen. It is the best way to stay relevant in this very crowded marketplace.

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Personally, I can’t wait to put on my Cup Noodles t-shirt and my Top Ramen hat. My pantry is stocked with lots of these slurpable ramen products and I’m excited to show everyone my love of noodles. Who says that noodles should only be celebrated on its food holiday?