Nissin Cup Noodles gets slurping with DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT


Fans of FINAL FANTASY enjoy a satisfying Nissin Cup Noodles like their favorite game characters. With the new DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT, the collaboration is even bigger.

Ramen noodles have long been a staple. From the college days of quick, easy meals to the elevated versions at trendy restaurants, ramen isn’t going anywhere. For many people ramen’s appeal is the convenience factor. Nissin Cup Noodles leader in the prepared ramen market. The new collaboration with DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT, expands its ramen dominance.

Nissin Cup Noodles DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT promotion, photo provided by Nissin Foods

Nissin Cup Noodles was the first ramen to offer ramen that was packaged, prepared and eaten all in the same container. The quick, easy meal solution delivers both on taste and quality. Even with 60 years in the market, this brand has become a permanent part of both pop culture and food history.

Over the years, Nissin Cup Noodles has found itself in various pop culture references. Specifically, Square Enix collaborated with the brand in FINAL FANTASY XV. Gamers know that Gladiolus, Prince Noctis’ company, craves a cup of instant ramen. The game integration came with the task to create “The Perfect Cup.” When players “add the finest ingredients” to the Cup Noodles, they are rewarded with “the ultimate flavor experience” Cup Noodles.

Nissin Cup Noodles DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT promotion, photo provided by Nissin Foods

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In 2018, gamers are anticipating the release of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT release. With the previous successful collaboration, Nissin and FINAL FANTASY are collaborating again. While not an in-game integration, the two brands created special edition packaging and the Noctis Royal Raiment outfit offer.

According to Nissin, the specially marked Cup Noodles have a code which can be redeemed with purchase receipt via text. The purchaser receives “a unique code for Noctis’ Royal Rainment outfit in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT. This traditional formalwear is the royal outfit of Lucian Lieges worn by Noctis, the main character of Square Enix’s FINAL FANTASY XV.”

Even with the previous game integration, FINAL FANTASY fans may not have flocked to retailers to enjoy a convenient Cup Noodles. This new promotion should see more game fans head to retailers to buy the special packages. Hopefully, the new buyers will become Cup Noodles fans and continue to eat it after the promotion expires.

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The limited edition version of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Cup Noodles at various retailers nationwide. DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT will be unveiled on January 30, 2018.

Are you ready to scour the shelves for these special Nissin Cup Noodles? It’s the perfect weather to enjoy a warm, soothing cup of ramen. Time to get slurping!