J Balvin Meal expands to the perfect McDonald’s accessories

J Balvin McDonald's merchandise, photo provided by McDonald's
J Balvin McDonald's merchandise, photo provided by McDonald's /

The love of McDonald’s is more than a craving and the J Balvin Meal hits the right notes.

Have you had the J Balvin meal? If you love that McDonald’s celebrity menu, show everyone with these new McDonald’s accessories. Which signature merchandise item speaks to your style?

Food fashion and celebrity fashion lines have become a must have. When those two items combine, the launch is an instant hit.

For McDonald’s, the celebrity menu collaborations have brought many people into restaurants for a taste of that favorite celebrity meal. Now, by expanding the collaboration beyond the food, McDonald’s fans and J Balvin fans have a reason to visually show everyone their favorite foods.

The exclusive collection brings together menu items from the signature meal with J Balvin’s favorite Colores. Included in the collection are “McFlurry bucket hat, to Big Mac slippers to a temporary tattoo showing off the receipt for the J Balvin Meal.”

“It’s been incredible to see all the excitement from fans over the past week,” said J Balvin. “Not only did I want to bring my personality to the McDonald’s menu, I also wanted to share my energy and creativity in a way that elevates our partnership through an exclusive merch collection that we created with my team. Now people can collect a piece of this collaboration and have it forever … lego!”

If you haven’t had a chance to try the J Balvin Meal, don’t miss the opportunity. The special offer is available until November 1. Plus, who doesn’t love a McFlurry to end a meal?

Could more McDonald’s and J Balvin surprises be in store? Everyone will have to just wait and see.

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What other celebrity meal collaborations would you like McDonald’s to offer?