The secret to making the most beautiful cakes is at your fingertips

How To Cake It With Yolanda Gampp, photo provided by How To Cake It With Yolanda Gampp.
How To Cake It With Yolanda Gampp, photo provided by How To Cake It With Yolanda Gampp. /

Most beautiful cakes, edible art and can’t believe your eyes cakes can be made at home.

From food TV to social media, the most beautiful cakes are a sight to behold. While professional bakers seem to make these cakes look effortless, there are a few baking tricks to the trade. Are you ready to learn a few baking secrets?

While some people refer to her as the “Beyonce of cakes,” Yolanda Gampp makes the most beautiful cakes that need to be seen to be believed. Although it can it be difficult to slice into these works of edible art, these cakes push the envelope of what can be done with flour, sugar, eggs and butter.

Coming to So Yummy TV is a new series called, How To Cake It With Yolanda Gampp. The program will give home bakers some tasty insight on how to create some of these visual masterpieces at home.

While it won’t necessarily guarantee a win on Nailed It, you will learn some baking and cooking techniques that will make you more successful in the kitchen.

Promo How to Cake it from BabyFirst on Vimeo.

Over the past year, many people have turned to baking as a creative outlet. From mastering the perfect sourdough starter to recreating grandma’s iconic recipes, the oven has been on more than it has been off.

On How To Cake It With Yolanda Gampp, at home bakers will learn both some basic baking techniques as well as some baking secrets of the trade. After a few episodes, you can impress your friends with your knowledge of Italian meringue buttercream. More importantly, everyone will rave about your perfect chocolate cake (and no one has to know your secret).

Since food has become a visual medium thanks to social media, the show covers some tips and tricks to make those cakes Instagram worthy. Even without the perfect filter or editing, your cake skills will impress in real life.

How to Cake It With Yolanda Gampp airs on So Yummy TV. It is available on various platforms including DirecTV, Sling, and Xfinity.

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What is your best tip to make the most beautiful cakes?