Thanksgiving turkey trends: It might not be that traditional holiday meal this year

Popeyes Thanksgiving Turkey, photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes Thanksgiving Turkey, photo provided by Popeyes /

The traditional holiday meal might look different thanks to these Thanksgiving turkey trends.

What does the traditional holiday meal look like for your family? With this year’s Thanksgiving turkey trends, that family holiday table might look different. From flavor to size, what will be on your table this year?

Over the past several years, the Thanksgiving table has been an overflowing bounty. From family gathering for the holiday to Friendsgiving celebrations, the food has left people needing comfy pants after all that tasty eating.

Given the current climate, the Thanksgiving celebrations are much smaller. Although there might not be a kids’ table and an adults’ table this year, the more intimate gatherings are not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes with a little change, the food on the table can be even tastier.

As many people uncovered the joy of cooking for the past several months, that cooking confidence can translate into a delicious Thanksgiving feast. From exploring bold flavors to tackling the traditional Thanksgiving bird, this Thanksgiving could be a memorable one.

Looking at many brands, stores and industry insiders, turkeys will be smaller this year. It isn’t that turkeys aren’t shrinking. Instead, farmers are harvesting turkeys sooner. The idea is that consumers will prefer to have a smaller bird because they are feeding fewer people. Additionally, the Nationally Turkey Federation is predicting that some people might just cook turkey breasts this year.

For example, Sam’s Club is reportedly will be selling smaller sized family meals. From reduced pounds of meat to even fewer dinner rolls, the changes are twofold. One, the smaller sizes are more appropriate for smaller gatherings. Second, consumers are cost conscious. When people are struggling with monthly bills, they may not want to spend huge sums on just a single dinner.

Beyond the smaller sizes, some people may be having their first Thanksgiving at home. With travel recommendations changing, the huge family gatherings might be postponed, which leaves some people having to create that turkey meal on their own.

Luckily, restaurants and other companies are stepping up to help. For example, Popeyes is bringing back its fan-favorite Thanksgiving Cajun Style turkey. From the zesty Louisiana Style seasonings to being pre-cooked, it is the easy way to have a delicious turkey meal without the effort.

While the Honey Baked Ham Pumpkin Spice turkey might not be available at Thanksgiving, it will be interesting to see if brands will push the flavor envelope. With more people embracing bolder spices and creative flavors, it could come to the Thanksgiving table. Maybe that Chef Isaac Toups Fryclone seasoning could make it to the holiday meal.

No matter the Thanksgiving turkey trends, the holiday meal is not canceled. It could be time to start some new traditions and embrace the time that people can spend together.

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Are you changing your Thanksgiving plans this year?