Sprite encourages everyone to create your future

(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images for BET)
(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images for BET) /

In an unpredictable world, Sprite believes in creating your future.

As political ads intensify, Sprite is using its platform to highlight the idea of “Create Your Future.” The idea is an extension of its “Thirst for Yours” program. By encouraging people to find their voice and stand up for a cause, the idea of dreams realized might not be that unattainable goal.

As part of the “Create Your Future” campaign, Sprite enlisted the help of some talented artists like Yara Shahidi, 2 Chainz and Rapsody. These individuals are using their voices and Sprite’s platform to encourage people, especially Black and multicultural youth, to create their future by harnessing the power of the vote.

While many people are being vocal about getting out the vote, the Create Your Future campaign is more than just putting a ballot in the box. It extends to a desire to be informed, speak your mind and understand that every person has an impact on the community.

2 Chainz said it well, “No matter your background or where you live, it’s important to educate yourself on the candidates, their policies, and the process to vote.” The power of a person’s vote is not directionally proportional to their bank account, their position or the home. Information is free and everyone can harness that power.

Sometimes that information comes in the form of stories. Whether it is family history, cultural backgrounds or a lessoned learned, it is another way to expand knowledge.

As Yara Shahidi said, “I am excited to utilize my platform to amplify the voices of emerging creators and encourage meaningful action through every day civic engagement.” That idea of every action, be it small or large, influences change is important. When people grasp that change is creative empowerment, more people will be willing to act.

The old phrase of the future is now is even more important than ever. Creating your future is at your fingertips, but will you choose to grasp it?

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How are you making an impact in your community?